Everlast And Cellutions Launch Everlast Hydrate Elite Performance Drink

Everlast Worldwide Hydrate EliteAll-Natural Performance Beverage Infused with Coconut Water

NEW YORK, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Everlast Worldwide Inc., the leader in fight sports and fitness, has partnered with Cellutions LLC, a leading lifestyle and functional performance company, to launch Everlast Hydrate Elite™. Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is an all-natural performance drink fortified with pure coconut water and genuine sea salt. This premium beverage provides a perfect balance of electrolytes for the serious athlete; and also benefits consumers at all levels of activity.

Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is crafted with coconut water, second only to water as the purest liquid on earth, and infused with 99.9% pure sea salt. Most coconut water beverages are low in sodium and rich in potassium, but fail as effective sports drinks as athletes need to replace sodium lost from sweat. Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is unique in the functional beverage category, boasting 125mg each of potassium and sodium per serving and providing 4x more potassium than the average sports drink with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The powerful combination provides a naturally-sourced and effective alternative to traditional sports drinks made with artificial ingredients, and appeals to consumers looking for the benefits of coconut water with a more appealing taste. Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is available in four 20 and 32oz thirst-quenching varieties, including; Island Punch, Lemon Lime Ice, Artic Crush and Orange Rush.

“We’re very excited to launch a new all-natural performance drink that can provide balanced hydration and serve the needs of all levels of athletes,” said Neil Morton, President/CEO of Everlast. “Everlast is synonymous with sports and fitness, and we strive to equip consumers with all of the tools they need to reach their performance goals. The new Everlast Hydrate Elite line is our answer to athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a performance drink to stay hydrated in and out of the gym.”

“If it’s true that you are judged by the company you keep then we are truly honored to be a partner with such a respected and recognized company such as Everlast,” said Victor H. Diaz, President & Founder of Cellutions, LLC. “Through this partnership we will be able to more effectively reach into all areas of the country with our responsible lifestyle product message. Simply put, Everlast Hydrate Elite will help to establish a new paradigm in the ever-growing functional beverage category,” said Diaz.

Everlast Hydrate Elite™ is available for purchase at select retailers nationwide.

Product photography and media samples available upon request.

About Everlast Worldwide Inc.
The preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, Everlast is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of fight sports and fitness equipment. From legendary boxing champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to superstars Jon Jones, Canelo Alvarez and Reggie Bush. Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes. Built on a brand heritage of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity, Everlast is a necessary part of the lives of countless champions. Based in Manhattan, Everlast’s products are sold across more than 75 countries and 6 continents. Everlast is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brands Holdings Limited, a global company and manager of worldwide sporting goods and apparel brands. For more information, visitwww.everlast.com.

About Cellutions LLC
Founded in 2002, Cellutions LLC is an international lifestyle company dedicated to increasing the well-being and the quality of life of consumers. Its line of premium consumer products are crafted with a cost no objective approach in order to guarantee a line of natural products that actually work as promised. Cellutions is passionately committed to unrestrained innovation. Innovative formulas such as the ground breaking PURE4MANCE™ anti-aging matrix, NRGMAX™ the100% caffeine-free energy matrix, and Formula 125 the elite-level performance formula are the results of this tireless dedication to discovering new and exotic ingredients and formulating products that are of relevance to the consumer. For more information on Cellutions, LLC and its line of premium functional beverages and dietary supplements, visit www.modjolife.com.