FitPro Protein Available at Fresh & Easy

fitproVISALIA, Calif. — FitPro Protein, a revolutionary ready-to-drink protein shake, is now available in all Fresh & Easy stores. The addition of the Fresh & Easy retail outlet expands FitPro’s other major distribution channels including Whole Foods, 24-hour Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness Centers.

FitPro Protein, a revolutionary, 3:1 protein to carbohydrate, ready-to-drink protein shake created through a process that gently filters milk to eliminate lactose, while preserving pure liquid protein and the essential vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk. It is lactose free, gluten free and Kosher certified. FitPro is sweetened naturally with organic cane juice, stevia and monk fruit.

FitPro Protein will sell four products in Fresh & Easy; both vanilla and chocolate flavors in FitPro Daily, with 26 grams of protein, and FitPro Pro, with 40 grams of protein. FitPro Protein complements Fresh & Easy’s current product offerings with use of natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners and delicious taste.

“We are really strong in the natural food sectors and strong in the more value-added stores that care about the types of products they carry,” says Brad Kloss, FitPro founder & CEO. “FitPro is gaining a lot of attention not just because of the name and who’s using it, but because of the quality and the value that’s behind it.”

Fresh & Easy operates 170 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. Fresh & Easy offers top name brands to customers as well as a range of items that are national-brand quality. From fresh produce and prepared meals to frozen selections and household cleaning items, Fresh & Easy offers customers a full shopping trip in a smaller neighborhood-sized store.

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