Hydro One Beverages Partners With Lil’ Mo


Lil’ Mo

GREENWOOD, S.C. — Hydro One Premium Beverages, the makers of a unique line of all-natural functional drinks, is proud to announce that American singer, songwriter, and radio personality,Cynthia Loving aka Lil’ Mo has joined their growing team.

“It goes without saying that we are very excited to have such an accomplished music talent like Lil’ Mo join our Hydro One Beverage team. Her drive and passion within the entertainment industry has earned her numerous accolades.” said CEO Sammy Nasrollahi. “What excites us even more is that she has that same determination when it comes to a healthier lifestyle for herself, her family and her continually growing fan base. We are looking forward to both a personal and business relationship for many years to come with Lil’ Mo.” Nasrollahi stated.

“I’m very conscious of what beverages I consume. Singing is not just about my voice but what I intake as well. Joining the Hydro One Beverage team as a partner and client was a top priority of mine.” stated Cynthia Loving aka Lil’ Mo.  “From a personal standpoint, the fact that I can share these amazing gluten free beverages with my children was a plus. Also, my mother has Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve seen her spend thousands of dollars on diet drinks, bottled special waters and other fruit flavored drinks that have so many hidden dangerous ingredients. Once I was introduced and educated on the Hydro One Beverages, I was so excited. Now I am a part of the percentage of people who actually cares about living a healthier, longer life. Pour it UP! Team Hydro One all day baby.” Lil’ Mo said.

Hydro One Premium Beverages are award winning all-natural beverages that provide significant nutritional benefits for anyone including individuals affected by high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, joint problems, and diabetes. They are committed to providing healthier beverage alternatives for our society while developing into a world leader in the promotion and education of proper nutritional values. For more information on their full line of all-natural beverages, distribution or any other business related opportunities with the Hydro One Beverage team, visit them at www.hydroonebeverages.com  Twitter @HydroOne_Drinks and on Facebook.