Hydro One Partners With Boxer Karl Dargan

Karl Dargan

Karl Dargan

GREENWOOD, S.C. — Hydro One Premium Beverages, the makers of a unique line of all-natural functional drinks, is proud to announce undefeated professional boxer Karl “The Dynamite” Dargan has joined their growing team.

“We are extremely honored to have Karl become a part of our company and mission. His hard work and dedication has translated into a very successful amateur and professional boxing career.” said CEO Sammy Nasrollahi of Hydro One Beverages. “He is a professional athlete who truly cares about health and wellness for himself, his family and his fans. We are looking forward to Karl’s continued support and having him be an integral part of our continued growth and development”. Nasrollahi stated.

“Joining the Hydro One family was a no brainer for me. Being a professional boxer, I am constantly focused on maintaining my weight and levels needed to stay balanced to conquer fatigue during training.” said Pro Boxer Karl Dargan. “I was looking for the ultimate product that would keep me hydrated and healthy for my own well-being. Too many sugars and not enough nutrients are in those OTHER “sporty drinks”. Hydro One is not a fad but rather a way of life now for my family and I. We on the ONE with this right here.” Dargan stated.

About Hydro One Premium Beverages

Hydro One Premium Beverages are award winning all-natural beverages that provide significant nutritional benefits for anyone including individuals affected by high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, joint problems, and diabetes. They are committed to providing healthier beverage alternatives for our society while developing into a world leader in the promotion and education of proper nutritional values. For more information on their full line of all-natural beverages, distribution or any other business related opportunities with the Hydro One Beverage team, visit them at www.hydroonebeverages.com  Twitter @HydroOne_Drinks and on Facebook.