Jin+Ja Available at Gourmet Garage in NYC

NEW YORK — Jin+Ja, the deliciously spicy elixir, is now available at all Gourmet Garage locations throughout the greater New York area.  Lovers of gourmet treats throughout the Big Apple can now enjoy the refreshingly spicy punch of cayenne pepper and fresh ginger of Jin+Ja by itself hot or cold and in cocktails just in time for the holidays.

“I was introduced to Gourmet Garage at the Fancy Food show last summer when we won the sofi award for Outstanding Cold Beverage of the Year,” said Reuben Canada, CEO of Canada Enterprises and creator of Jin+Ja.  “They are passionate about introducing phenomenal products to the city’s best chefs and food lovers.  It’s been fantastic working with such a passionate group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to introduce Jin+Ja to the good people of New York!”

“Ginger and spice lovers will delight with this versatile new beverage,” said Brenda deBuono, Head of Purchasing at Gourmet Garage. “Use as a mixer for a festive cocktail or heat and drink warm on cozy winter nights or for a quick immunity boost. We are so excited to introduce Jin+Ja to our customers this holiday season!”

Available in both the single serve bottles ($3.99) and multi serve ($9.99) at all Gourmet Garage locations.

About Gourmet Garage

Founded in 1981 as the importer/ distributor Flying Foods International, to the best restaurants in New York and other major cities with their most essential ingredients, Gourmet Garage now has retail stores on Wooster Street in Soho, Greenwich Village, Lincoln Square, the Upper East Side and Carnegie Hill.  Each stores provides exceptionally high quality produce, meat, seafood, artisan baked local bread and pastry, as well as friendly knowledgeable customer service, and award winning catering.  For more than 20 years, Gourmet Garage has defined the very best in New York food shopping. For more information, go to: www.gourmetgarage.com

About Canada Enterprises LLC

Canada Enterprises LLC the holding company that owns Jin+Ja, the first product produced and distributed by Canada Enterprises. Jin+Ja is the recipient of the 2013 Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Award for Outstanding Cold Beverage and the winner of the national advertising campaign contest of the Specialty Food Association, “Your Story, Your Ad.” Jin+Ja is a deliciously spicy elixir made of fresh ginger, lemon, cayenne, mint and green as seen on the CBS nationally televised show, The Doctors. For more information, go to: http://drinkjinja.com