Life Juice Enlists Capacity Business Consulting for Target, Williams-Sonoma Opportunities

GREENVILLE, N.Y. — Ety Salamone began juicing with produce from her organic garden and local farm markets. The rave reception of her 100% raw, cold-pressed juices, combined with the local desire for ready-made juices, inspired Ety to think bigger. She wanted raw juice to be available to a broader market and wanted to share the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruit. Life Juice was born.

A completely raw and cold-pressed cleanse, Life Juice uses organic, non-GMO produce and contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than juices made from traditional pressing methods. It also contains at least 5 pounds of produce in every bottle.

Life Juice was rated the #1 tasting juice cleanse by the Huffington Post and received 4.5 stars from BevNET, the leading source for the beverage industry. This January they will be featured in 10 million Williams-Sonoma catalogs and will be placed in 364 Target stores around the country.

Life Juice enlisted Capacity Business Consulting to assist with their investor package and growth strategy. “What Ety and her people have done with this company so far is amazing. They are already in Shoprite, Kings, Balducci’s, Williams-Sonoma, as well as on their own And the timing for the next step to Target couldn’t be better. Super premium cold pressed juice is exploding in popularity,” says Eric Egeland, CEO of Capacity Business Consulting.

Ety Salamone, President of Life Juice had this to add, “Our goal is to spread our knowledge. We want everyone to feel great mentally and physically, and to have the tools to live a healthy, eco-friendly life. Cold pressed, 100% raw vegetable juice is one way to achieve this goal. We’re thrilled about how far Life Juice has come, starting in my kitchen with produce from my backyard to where we are now, being offered by several incredible retailers. I’ve had the privilege to work with so many amazing people and businesses along this journey, Capacity Business Consulting being one. From the beginning of our relationship, Capacity has guided and assisted Life Juice, helping us make decisions based on research and experience. Having a knowledgeable and proven consultant to aid us has dramatically alleviated stress in our world and allowed us to look towards a very bright future. We’re looking forward to 2014 and what comes next for Life Juice!”

About Life Juice

Life Juice is 100% Raw, Cold-Pressed Juice that is nutrient dense, and naturally delicious. For more information, visit | 877.33.Juice | Contact(at)LifeJuiceShop(dot)com

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