Mother Earth Natural Foods to Stock Cocozia

cocozia (2)NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Epicurex LLC, manufacturers and distributers of the 100% organic Cocozia® range, has announced today that Mother Earth Natural Foods is the latest in a line of highly regarded health food stores to stock Cocozia® coconut water.

Mother Earth Natural Foods is a champion of healthy living through eating and drinking the right products, so gluten-free Cocozia® coconut water fits in perfectly with the company’s ethos. With only 70 calories, Cocozia® is the perfect easy-to-drink beverage for consumers who’re concerned about maintaining a healthy weight, and the hydrating abilities of this 100% organic coconut water means that athletes and fitness enthusiasts love it in place of sugary sports drinks.

“We’re proud to be able to say that Cocozia® is a source of energy, beauty and total body health.” said Gordon Hansen, VP of sales at Epicurex, “As Mother Earth Natural Foods has been providing the best in organic, fresh and healthy products to Southwest Florida residents for 25 years, we’re excited to be partnering with such a prominent name in the health-food industry.”

Mother Earth Natural Foods has six locations in Florida; four in Ft. Myers, one in Cape Coral and one in Estero. The store’s customers are encouraged to make a trip to their nearest store and try the great-tasting and hydrating Cocozia® 100% organic coconut water.

About Epicurex

Epicurex is a manufacturer and distributor of organic foods and beverages. The company focuses on bringing unique and organic products to its customers, all while providing only top grade products that taste great and significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

About Mother Earth Natural Foods

Mother Earth Natural Food’s goal is to be a one-stop-shop for everything the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area needs to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Their six convenient locations provide a comprehensive array of all-natural and organic supplements, groceries, vitamins and other goods.