Natural Wayz Beverages to Distribute Phenoh 7.4

Pic_2_Tetra-3-packPalo Alto, Calif. November 19, 2014 Phenoh, Incorporated is pleased to announce its new partnership with Natural Wayz Beverages to distribute Phenoh’s flagship performance hydration product, Phenoh 7.4. This exciting new partnership will be Phenoh’s first expansion into the East Coast market.

New Jersey-based Natural Wayz Beverages distribution will allow Phenoh 7.4 to be sold at a variety of retailers across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland. Previously, 7.4 has been sold exclusively by retailers in the Western United States and through online orders. “We are excited to expand our product further into the East Coast markets with the help of Natural Wayz,” said Alex Schmotter, founder and CEO of Phenoh, Inc. “Natural Wayz Beverages carries only a handful of carefully selected, premium beverages to distribute. They are an ideal partner for Phenoh because they will help to educate consumers of the innovation and benefits of Phenoh 7.4.”

“We are very excited to become an exclusive distributor for the Phenoh alkaline sports drink in the Mid-Atlantic region. We are always looking to make available to our clients the healthiest and best tasting beverage alternatives and this product is both,” said Chuck McCormick, co-owner of Natural Wayz Beverages. “I believe Phenoh will become a huge seller in a very short period of time as we partner together with the Phenoh team in making this available within our region.”

Phenoh 7.4 is the first alkaline sports beverage on the market. Research has shown that the 7 natural ingredients in 7.4 can enhance athletic performance, and help the body balance pH levels. As a certified organic product made with organic aloe vera and organic agave nectar, Phenoh 7.4 is a superior, healthy alternative to acidic sports drinks.

About Phenoh, Inc. 

As the creators of Phenoh 7.4, Phenoh, Inc. strives to provide a superior alkaline alternative to conventional sports drinks. Phenoh, Inc. has redefined the concept of “sports drink” to reflect the needs of athletes and active individuals alike, using just 7 carefully selected, natural ingredients. Phenoh, Inc. is dedicated to improving overall health and wellness by offering products that taste great, help maximize athletic performance, and are dentist and doctor approved. Phenoh 7.4 is certified organic by Quality Assurance International and made with organic aloe vera and organic agave nectar.  To learn more about Phenoh, Inc., visit