NFL Stars Devin and Jason McCourty to Appear at Cheribundi Booth at 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show

Cheribundi SFFS14Cheribundi is excited to announce that professional NFL Players and Cheribundi Brand Ambassadors, Devin and Jason McCourty will be attending the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York with them this year.

Devin McCourty, defensive back for the New England Patriots, and Jason McCourty, cornerback for the Tennessee Titans have represented Cheribundi, a leading producer of tart cherry juice products, for two years now. The McCourty Twins among 90 other professional and college sports teams drink Cheribundi for muscle recovery and inflammation.

“When it comes to winning and losing, there are so many variables that come into play, some of which are within your control, while others are not. One of the things that I can definitely control is what I put into my body, and Cheribundi is one of few products that I trust, as the benefits are clear, and the risks are non-existent,” says Jason McCourty, cornerback for the Tennessee Titans and one of NFL’s leaders in passes intercepted.

“If you want to be the best you can be, you have to help your body and put the right things in it. My team trainer recommended Cheribundi to me because of the health benefits, so I’ve been drinking it and reaping the rewards ever since,” says Devin McCourty, defensive back and kickoff returner for New England Patriots, and second time earner of All-Pro honors.

Devin and Jason McCourty will be volunteering at Cheribundi’s booth on Sunday, June 29th from 1-3pm. Cheribundi has planned several activities for the event, one being a photo booth where fans can get their picture taken with the Twins. Please contact for event details.

Cheribundi is a fresh-pressed tart cherry juice made from a proprietary juicing process developed by scientists at Cornell University to yield peak antioxidant levels.

Regular consumption of tart cherry juice is reported to reduce post-exercise muscle and joint pain. Tart cherries’ anti-inflammatory benefits may reduce pain from gout and arthritis, and they have an extensive list of heart health benefits. They also contain significant levels of melatonin that is believed to promote deeper, more restful sleep.