NY2O Introduces 500 ML Bottle

NEW YORK — A new 500 milliliter bottle has been introduced by NY2O, America’s Premium Bottled Water. This new package replaces the original 20oz bottle, and has come in response to retailer and customer demand for a package more conforming to industry standards, as the 500ml bottle is commonly available amongst other premium bottled water brands.

The 500ml is a perfectly scaled version of the award winning bottles, and will resemble the other three ergonomically designed NY2O bottle sizes: the 330ml, one liter, and 1.5 liter.

“As a company, NY2O prides itself on being environmentally responsible, and this new bottle will use 24% less plastic than the larger bottle it is replacing, as well as being fully recyclable, and safe; its BPA free and made from #1 PET,” said Elias Slubski, President, NY2O.

For retailers, the 500 ml bottle is now available in four by six multipacks as well as cases of 24 single bottles.

“An ancient collision 450 million years ago created the essential properties and mineral profile of our water that is born in New York’s Catskill Forest Preserve, Slubski continued.  “Micro-filtered to its purest, natural brilliance and bottled locally, NY2O premium water offers discerning consumers the quintessential taste of New York.”

“After years of meticulous research and development, NY2O delivers a premium bottled water that captures an unmistakable taste and quality, and is a one hundred percent American brand that represents the energy, creativity and essence of New York.”

NY2O is available throughout the metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region, much of the Northeast USA and South Florida, with major expansion plans set for the Chicago area and adjacent midwest as well as Southern California.

The company also plans to offer a sparkling accompaniment later this year. Further information about NY2O may be obtained by visiting its web site at WWW.NY2O.COM or FACEBOOK.COM/NY2OWATER.