Paradise Beverage Launches Pirate Energy Shots

AUSTIN, Texas — ‘The Party Starts Here’ for Paradise Beverage with its introduction of Pirate Energy™ Shots and a whole new way to consume instant energy! Yeah, we know there are other energy shots on the market that you might have tried. We’ve seen ’em, we’ve tasted ’em, and we decided we could do better. We knew we could make something that looked cooler, tasted better and didn’t bore us with endless chatter about working harder and studying longer. That’s not the Pirate way. Our five cocktail-inspired energy shots come in sleek bottles and give you the boost you need to get the party started.

“Pirate Energy is a brand that is targeted to redefine a classic, me-too category in energy shots,” said Kendall Harter, CEO and President of Paradise Beverage.

“We worked hard to develop a shot that comes to market in a whole new way that includes a new bottle design, new twist-on aluminum cap, new flavor profile and finally, a new go-to-market approach that will give consumers what they are asking for.”

At Pirate Energy™ we pretty much believe it’s always a good time to drink our energy shots. Packed full of energy-boosting awesomeness, they get the party started and keep you revved up for hours of fun. Pirate Energy™ Shots are available in five, great tasting, cocktail-inspired flavors including Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Hurricane and Pirate Punch. They can be enjoyed prior to a night of partying or simply to add a boost to your everyday pirate life. Pirate Energy™ Shots will be available throughout the U.S. at retail outlets and online Look for more details on both Pirate Energy™ Shots as well as our coming soon, Pirate Energy™ Drinks.

About Pirate Energy™

Pirate Energy™ is distributed and marketed through Paradise Beverage, LLC who is a proud part of the Blue Matrix Labs brand portfolio. Information regarding Pirate Energy™ or Blue Matrix Labs can be found by contacting us at our corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas at 1-855-972-BLUE (2583) or by visiting our website