The Double Cola Company Adds Distribution in Four States

double colaCHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Double Cola Company is pleased to announce expanded distribution for its CSD and energy drink line. The expansion includes Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Within the last three months, new Double Cola distributor partnerships with Beverage Distributors, Inc., Capitol Source Network and Vintage Soda Distributors, Inc. have made this possible.

Founded in 1933, Beverage Distributors, Inc. is a family-owned business based out of Cleveland, Ohio. It is the second largest distributor for Miller Brewing Company in the state. The company currently distributes Double Cola’s CSD and energy drink line throughout several counties in northeastern Ohio. Double Cola first met Beverage Distributors at the NBWA (National Beer Wholesalers Association) trade show last October. After signing on with Double Cola earlier this year, Beverage Distributors hired a new salesperson exclusive to Double Cola brands. Both companies are excited to grow the brands in this market which has requested Double Cola products for several years.

Double Cola also met Capitol Source Network at the NBWA trade show. Capitol Source Network executives were instantly impressed with Double Cola’s QUAD Energy samples and began discussing opportunities for QUAD in northeast Indiana. Capitol Source Network, based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, began distributing QUAD Energy products earlier this year. Capitol Source Network has been in the business of beverage brokering, distribution, and test marketing for over 35 years. The company has offices in Los Angeles, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Detroit.

Vintage Soda Distributors, Inc. covers Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding counties including some in northern South Carolina. Vintage Soda and Double Cola have talked for several years about bringing Double Cola brands to the Carolinas. Double Cola’s distribution for the Carolinas included only the tip of North Carolina for the past several years. Double Cola’s Director of Sales Mitch Reed knew Vintage Soda would be successful because of Double Cola’s rich history in the area where a former bottler in Shelby, North Carolina, covered the Charlotte market for decades.

Double Cola’s Director of Sales Mitch Reed says, “I am very excited to launch the three new areas. The combination of the multiple years of beverage experience and expertise each company has, along with their strong sales force and the demand we have for our products in each of the different markets, I am sure we will be successful. I look forward to growing our brands in each of these areas.”

About Double Cola

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