The Introduction of Alkalize Energy Probiotics Water

alkalize energyCHEBOYGAN, Mich. — Introducing ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water, a 10+ pH alkalized probiotics infused water product.   This shelf-stable probiotic water, that requires no refrigeration, is only possible because of our patented Stabilized technology.

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water has a new proprietary process that is a breakthrough in modern chemistry.  This process changes the makeup of your everyday water, creating the world’s ONE & ONLY Acid-Free 100% pure alkaline water with probiotics.  When you drink our ALKALIZED ENERGY line of products, the H1O clusters hunt down and neutralize your body acidity to assist in removing the acid and toxins within its cells and tissues.  This neutralizing detoxifying process increases your oxygen absorption and provides maximum hydration.

Poor digestion is a huge factor in today’s world and can negatively impact your quality of life.  Research shows that 70% of our immune system is located in the gut.  If you have problems with your gut, chances are you have a poor immune response as well.  When your digestion suffers, so does your overall health!  Our raw, living      and active Certified Organic probiotics are made in the USA.   Our unique liquid probiotics are natural and in their original organic state, completely undefiled and unadulterated for the most effective results on the market.  These “micro-warriors” are living organisms and are formulated to super activate beneficial substances that support and boost the immune system against ineffective agents like yeast overgrowths, viral and bad bacteria components, mold and fungus.

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water is a first to market, new market category health product.  It can support a healthy immune system and helps ensure you have enough good bacteria for digestive balance.  Alkalize Energy Probiotics Water should be a core part of your daily health regime.