The Launch of BetterSweet Maple Water

bettersweetNEW YORK — Declaring that America needs a true home-grown and real alternative to sugar-laden drinks, Halo Beverages Inc. (Halo) announced a Joint Venture Partnership today with Nature, to launch BetterSweet Maple Water.

Maple Water is the mineral rich, subtly sweet water that feeds Maple Trees, and contains over 130 micro-nutrients and organic compounds that help Maple Trees thrive yearlong. This nutrient-rich water flows from the roots to the buds of maple trees during thaw-freeze cycles in early spring, and after extensive heating becomes Maple Syrup. Interrupting this process, Halo’s agreement with Nature is to bring this very special, subtly-sweet water straight to consumers with minimal processing, as she had always intended.

Through her spokesperson, Nature offered the following quote; “They make their drinks inside a lab, ours is made inside a tree. I’m looking forward to the day when we can replace the factories where drinks are made today, with forests that craft a pure and sophisticated sweetness from simple sunshine. No secret ingredients, just whole ones.”

Halo’s founders, Len Boyko and Stephen Ford are passionate about introducing BetterSweet to Americans because of the promise it holds in being the first real whole-food solution to the artificial and so-called natural sweeteners other beverage companies add to their drinks. Both are ex-LYFE Kitchen executives who left the company Wired Magazine billed as “The Future of Food”, and Fast Company’s 6th Most Innovative Food Company in the World to pursue what they believe is “The Future of Beverages.”

“Nature has really outdone herself in creating Maple Water and we couldn’t be happier in joining forces with her in our quest to provide America with the best drinks on the planet,” says Len Boyko co-founder of Halo and the company’s CEO. “After trying BetterSweet, we believe people will wonder why they had to wait so long for a company to finally get it right.”

“Our mission is to change how drinks are made and it starts today with BetterSweet Maple Water,” says co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Stephen Ford. “Maple Water is lower in real sugars and calories than coconut water, and it’s a local product which isn’t shipped from some far away country. We’re proudly 100% grown and packaged in the USA and that happens to be very unique in the beverage industry.”

In 2013, Halo’s founders turned to the ultra-talented creative firm Humanaut, out of Chattanooga, Tennessee to help capture the essence of their brand. Partners David Littlejohn and Andrew Clark are the duo behind Sodastream’s Super Bowl commercials which were rejected by CBS last year and edited by FOX this year for their references to Coke and Pepsi, according to the Los Angeles Times. Humanaut says, “You don’t often come across a product that has the potential to disrupt an entire industry. When we heard the story of a drink being made by trees and we tasted the product we knew we had to be involved.”

Alex Bogusky, an advisor to BetterSweet, who is also an investor and creative advisor to Humanaut, and the former head of Crispin Porter Bogusky, loves the potential Maple Water has to impact the industry and the planet so positively. Bogusky, who worked on both The Real Bearsand The Truth campaign, believes BetterSweet and its first product Maple Water, will resonate loudly with consumers. Alex says, “At a time when the big soda companies are turning to chemistry for the next ‘healthy’ innovation, BetterSweet turned to nature and struck gold with the most exciting innovation in the category this year.”

Maple Water harvest is presently underway in the forests of Vermont, and for the very first time since settlers arrived on American soil, Maple Water will be available for the entire country to enjoy year long. BetterSweet is filling only 1 million bottles in 2014 which presently can be purchased online at BetterSweet will be available on store shelves across the U.S. with retail announcements on tap in the coming weeks. Halo will also launch major promotional campaigns in select U.S. cities to introduce the product to consumers.

About Halo Beverages Inc.

Halo Beverages Inc. was founded in February 2013 by entrepreneurs Len Boyko and Stephen Ford who set out with a mission to provide consumers with the best possible drinks they could find on the planet. BetterSweet Maple Water is created by and harvested from Certified Organic Maple Forests in Vermont, and American families from 18 states to date have been involved in helping Halo launch their brand. Media can reach the company by email at or visit our newsroom for more information.