The Launch of Reliant Recovery Water

reliant 480TACOMA, Wash. — Reliant is the first and only recovery water proven to reduce the muscle damage and soreness that often comes with an active lifestyle. Drinking Reliant helps you recover faster so you can do more and feel better.

Reliant recovery water has become the beverage of choice for world-class athletes wanting to train harder and perform better. It’s now available at for anyone wanting to recover faster after activity with less soreness. Whether you’re training for your next 10K, working around your home, or simply keeping up with your grandkids, drinking Reliant allows you to bounce back quickly and get the most out of each and every day.

“Recovery was never an issue when I ran sub-four-minute miles as a teenager in high school,” said Jim Ryun, legendary three-time Olympian and former world record holder. “But 50 years later, it’s something that I now have to consider very seriously. Drinking Reliant keeps me running at my very best with little or no lingering soreness and fatigue the next day.”

Reliant recovery water harnesses charge-stabilized nanobubbles (CSNs) to optimize the body’s natural recovery process. CSNs operate at the cellular level to reduce the exaggerated effects of pain and inflammation without compromising the natural healing process. The result is speedier recovery and less activity-induced pain and soreness.

“We’ve demonstrated that Reliant interacts with cells to help defend against and repair muscle damage caused by activity,” said Dr. Richard Watson, Reliant’s Chief Science Officer. “Multiple independent research studies validate our findings. This proven research has attracted attention from athletes, trainers and physiologists and word continues to spread.”

Made with a unique patented process, Reliant underwent eight years of extensive research, development, and testing. Research studies from the University of Florida, University of Calgary and Seattle Sports Medicine validate Reliant’s effects, concluding that it improves functional recovery after activity and exercise with less resulting pain and fatigue.

“Reliant Beverage Co. is driven to help our customers enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Eric Russell, Reliant CEO. “We’re gratified by the many customers who have shared their stories about how Reliant allows them to get more out of each and every day.”

Reliant allows you to be more active and feel better without the unnecessary calories, sugars, or chemicals that are found in other recovery drinks. It tastes like refreshing, purified water even as its charge-stabilized nanobubbles go to work on your sore and tired muscles. It lets you keep doing the things you love and feel great the next day.

Reliant is only available through with shipping limited to the Pacific Northwest. Order your first case today and Take the Reliant Challenge! Drink 2-3 bottles per day and experience the difference Reliant recovery water makes in your active lifestyle. Order now and get a special introductory price of $49.99 for your first case using code PNWpromo.

About Reliant Beverage Co.

Reliant Beverage Co. is dedicated to your active lifestyle. Reliant is the first and only recovery water proven to reduce the muscle damage and lingering pain often caused by activity. The result helps you recover faster to feel and perform better – whether you’re a professional athlete, avid enthusiast or simply trying to stay active and healthy. Based in Tacoma, Washington, every bottle of Reliant is processed and bottled on-site.

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