AQUACAI Named Sponsor of SummerStage 2015

CBXS8MtXEAAXqu6New York, NY – May 14, 2015 AQUAÇAI the natural artesian water from the rainforest of Panama is proud to announce that they will be the exclusive “hydrating” sponsor of City Park Foundation’s SummerStage 2015AQUAÇAI is a forward thinking company that produces the most natural quality of water available today.

Rudy Byfield, the President of AQUAÇAI USA, who leads the company in their notable giving and sustainability initiatives comments, “Our ability to share AQUAÇAI directly from our pristine rainforest with the entire 2015 SummerStage audience and its’ performers is something we are extremely proud of especially as this wonderful event is celebrating its’ 30th Anniversary.” AQUAÇAI’s official spokesperson and TV survivalist is Bear Grylls, who knows a thing or two about survival and ‘bearing’ the heat and excitement at SummerStage. “Stay hydrated with AQUAÇAI,” Grylls states.

Located in La Valdeza de Capira in the Republic of Panama, AQUAÇAI is bottled in a state of the art water bottling facility that runs on 60% hydroelectric power. Filled to the brim with naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes, this water has a unique terroir and smooth, refreshing taste. In addition, AQUAÇAI is bottled right at the source in 100% recyclable, BPA-free PET plastic. The first human hands to touch the bottle are outside of Panama, when their premium artesian water is shipped to locations all over the world. For this reason, there are zero nitrates and artificial preservatives added. It is completely untouched and intact in its natural form.

The performers and staff of the entire 2015 SummerStage citywide schedule will stay hydrated all season long with the delicious and smooth AQUAÇAI water. In addition to being available to concert goers at the SummerStage concession stands city-wide, AQUAÇAI will have special activation nights at SummerStage 2015 where they will have surprise guests attending.


AQUAÇAI is natural artesian water bottled at source and extracted from an aquifer deep below the forest surface, located at La Valdeza de Capira in the Republic of Panama. This water naturally absorbs minerals by slowly filtering through volcanic rocks and is bottled without direct human contact.

AQUAÇAI leads by example. Bigger than just water, over the past seven years, they have planted more than 400,000 native trees, flowers, plants and shrubs with the help of the Smithsonian and ANAM (the Panama National Authority of the Environment). Similarly, they have supported their local communities by building a bridge to help students cross the stream during annual floods and supported Doctors Without Borders by flying medical teams to Panama to vaccinate hundreds of children. AQUAÇAI has also lent a hand to those in need throughout the world. Just days before Hurricane Sandy in 2012, they shipped 60 tons of water to the NY/NJ area for their East Coast launch. But after the storm hit, they helped the community by distributing water to disaster victims directly. Additionally, they donated water to relief efforts for victims of the earthquakes in Japan, Haiti and Philippines. Today, they support the Colorectal Cancer Foundation and will continue to share their resources with those who need it most. AQUAÇAI hopes their vision of making change and social responsibility can inspire others to make a difference and help improve people’s lives one bottle at a time. 

For more information contact: Dallas J. Short – Indra Public Relations (646) 593-7220.