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home-cansCARMEL, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One of the most exciting discoveries in sports nutrition over the past few years has been the powerful, performance-enhancing qualities of beet juice. A growing body of academic and medical evidence is confirming that beet juice significantly increases blood nitrate levels, spurring the delivery of oxygen to muscles during activity and reducing both fatigue and inflammation.*

Now the benefits of beet juice are available for athletes in Beet Performer™, a 100% natural, convenient, and great tasting performance juice. Available in two flavors, Beet Performer provides all the health and ergogenic benefits of beet juice, optimized for athletes on the go.

Beet Performer is 100% juice with no added sugar, colors, flavors or preservatives. What’s more, Beet Performer is pasteurized using low-heat (180°F), a process that retains nutrient values without sacrificing taste or shelf life.

“Beet juice is one of the first all-natural sports beverages backed by real science. It’s been found to not only boost oxygen availability to muscles during moderate- and severe-intensity activity, but also increase time to exhaustion during high-intensity activity by 16%1. The stamina and strength benefits of beet juice have convinced college and pro sports teams as well as professional runners and cyclists,” said Matt Herzog, President. “Beet Performer turns the advantages of beetroot juice into a sports drink that is easy to carry, easy to consume, and perfect during training, before competition, or every day as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Beet juice is high in nitrates; once converted by the body to nitric oxide, the substance aids delivery of oxygen to muscles, and relaxes and widens blood vessels to aid in blood flow. A study2 in Hypertension, a journal of the American Heart Association, also showed that beet juice can lower resting blood pressure by up to 7%. Finally, beets aid in cardiovascular wellness through their heart-healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.*

Beet Performer is packaged in 8.4 fl. oz. (250mL) cans and comes in two varieties: Beet Juice with Vitamin B12 to promote healthy blood cells, and Beet Juice with Passion Fruit Juice for natural sweetness. Beet Performer is available on and will be available at leading supermarkets and natural food grocery chains across the U.S. soon. To learn more, go to

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

1“Dietary nitrate supplementation reduces the O2 cost of walking and running – a placebo controlled study” Journal of Applied Physiology (November 2010), School of Sport & Health Sciences, University of Exeter – Prof Andrew M Jones et. al.

2“Enhanced Vasodilator Activity of Nitrite in Hypertension” Hypertension (April 2013), London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London – Amrita Ahluwalia et. al.

About Beet Performer:

Beet Performer is all-natural, 100% juice that delivers the multiple, documented endurance enhancing benefits of beet juice in convenient, great tasting form. Available in two flavors, Beet Juice with B12 and Beet Juice with Passion Fruit Juice, Beet Performer gives serious athletes natural nitrates that have been proven to increase stamina and stimulate strength by increasing oxygen delivery during moderate-to-intense endurance sports. Beet Performer is currently available on and will be available soon at leading supermarkets and natural food grocery chains across the U.S. To learn more, go to