Calypso Unveils New Consumer Website:

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 2.50.30 PMMilwaukee, WI – Calypso, producer of flavored Lemonades, Limeades and Teamonades®, is pleased to announce the release of its new website The new website creates a colorful, high-quality, engaging environment representative of the Calypso product line and provides detailed information on each Calypso flavor, news and promotions, and store locations. The website was built using a responsive design, making it available to users across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile.

The website also contains a robust Recipes section – a response to consumers’ growing affinity for using the wide variety of Calypso drink flavors and exotic fruit combinations with spirits and other food and drinks. The section allows users to sort recipes by each Calypso drink flavor as well as by individual recipe ingredients. The website also allows users to share individual recipes via e-mail or post on social media.

“ is another important step in our recent efforts to increase our interaction with our current consumers as well as introduce the brand to new consumers,” said Calypso Brand President Jeff Outlaw. “We are extremely excited about the growth the brand is experiencing, and the new website will help to complement this growth.”

The release of the new website follows several key hires and new investment across the company’s Marketing, Sales and National Accounts divisions.

“Calypso has succeeded in large part due to the quality of our drinks and word-of-mouth,” said Outlaw. “ will allow us to expand our reach even further and provides us with the opportunity to interact and connect in a deeper way with our current consumers who have displayed such an intense loyalty to the brand.”

The new Calypso website has been released just in time to support consumer awareness around the brand’s national Kroger rollout across all of the grocery chain’s divisions with six flavors of Calypso Lemonade.

About Calypso: Calypso, the originator of the Flavored Lemonade category, has evolved from four Lemonade blends into twenty unique Lemonade, Limeade and Teamonade® combinations over the past fifteen years. Each Calypso is made with real fruit, real sugar, real fruit bits and served in high-quality custom glass bottles. Calypso is headquartered and produced in Milwaukee, WI, and is owned and operated by King Juice, Inc.