Choopoons Launches Mediterranean Yogurt Smoothies

smoothie-plainNew York, New York – Though many Americans recognize the benefits of a healthy diet, far fewer stop to consider the true environmental impact of their food choices. Greek yogurt and labneh are often lauded as a gold standard of low-calorie/high-protein super-foods, but consumers may be unaware of its environmental impact. Choopoons® Mediterranean Labneh is pleased to announce a sustainable (and delicious) solution with the launch of their Mediterranean Yogurt Smoothies, in two flavors: Plain and Cucumber Mint.

Natural liquid whey, or acid whey, is a Greek yogurt by-product that is typically strained out to achieve a creamy final product. Though acid whey (with a pH level comparable to a glass of orange juice) provides many nutritious elements for the human body, it is not as helpful to our oceans, rivers, and streams, pulling oxygen from these bodies of water as it decomposes. Choopoons’ process combats this disposal issue by incorporating the strained-off acid whey from their Spreadable Labnehs into their drinkable smoothies. This symbiotic relationship enhances the rich texture of the labneh and packs the smoothies with incredible nutrients and probiotics, ensuring minimal environmental waste and a rich and flavorful final product, for a healthy body and a healthy planet. Common practice in the Mediterranean and Middle East for hundreds of years, Choopoons is the only yogurt company currently using this process in the United States.

Choopoons products aim to revolutionize the way Americans use yogurt—well beyond breakfast. Similar to Russian kefir with the addition of liquid whey, these drinks are also commonly known in Turkey as ayran and in the Persian culture as doogh, and have been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years.

Choopoons’ authentic smoothie recipe is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and a naturally high electrolyte content make it a great post-workout beverage, and a superior wholesome alternative to artificially flavored and colored sports drinks. Nutrition and fitness experts agree that adding whey protein to a balanced diet can yield incredible health benefits, including:

• a boost of protein to help power through the day and fuel focused muscle growth

• significantly decreased recovery time after intense workouts

• live probiotic cultures to help maintain balanced digestion and gut health

• natural support for the immune system, and reduced stress overall

With less sugar than a typical fruit smoothie and fewer total calories per serving than many sports drinks, Choopoons Mediterraean Yogurt Smoothies are a natural choice for health-conscious and on-the-go lifestyles—but also make for inspired applications in the kitchen: try using them as a tangy base for lighter salad dressings (at 20 calories per 2 Tbsp serving, compared with 170 calories in Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar dressing, and 40 calories per 2 Tbsp serving of Bolthouse Farms Cucumber Dill yogurt dressing). Swirl them into rich vegetable soups (compared with 40 calories per 2 Tbsp serving as Daisy Sour Cream), or marinade chicken and fish for a low-calorie, high-impact flavor boost (compared with 24 calories per 2 Tbsp serving of Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt)!

Most importantly, Choopoons’ Yogurt Smoothies boast only four simple ingredients: yogurt, acid whey, crushed mint (found only in their Cucumber Mint flavor), and a pinch of salt—in contrast to the roster of preservatives and artificial flavors that are often found in many other yogurt products.

Choopoons Mediterranean Labneh is inspired by tradition, innovation, and opportunity to create change within the food system. The Choopoons team is committed to developing a healthy, delicious, and affordable product line that reflects a strong cultural heritage, uses simple and wholesome ingredients, and is dedicated to the principals of sustainable food production. For more information on Choopoons Mediterranean Yogurt Smoothies, and other Choopoons Mediterranean Labneh products, visit