E-Hydrate Launches National TV Advertising Campaign

Marina Del Rey, CA September 30, 2015 – And. . . Action! On September 30, 2015, E-hydrate, the maker of natural Protein On-the-Go, hydration drink mixes and energy gels, launched its first national advertising campaign. The multi-million dollar integrated media campaign, which includes television, digital spots on YouTube and social media advertising, marks a significant stride forward in the company’s efforts to drive consumer awareness and highlight the brand’s availability at Target stores nationwide.

The campaign, called “E-hydrate Family,” was developed to appeal to the company’s key demographic: on-the-go women and moms, ages 18-49 years old. Comprised of two separate spots – “What Sport Do We Play?” andOops!“E-hydrate Family” is designed to reach consumers searching for high quality, convenient, natural products that not only taste great but make them, and their families, feel great too.
What Sport Do We Play?” opens to a mom starting her busy day, tossing backpacks and briefcases as she gets her family ready and out the door. She goes on to explain the “sport” she plays, highlighting how it has no timeouts and never stops because the “sport” she plays is being a mom.That’s why she loves E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go; “It’s the only on-the-go protein that’s low in sugar and ready when you are.” Becoming emphatic and passionate, she expresses how she can never, ever stop — a rallying cry that catches her husband and young soccer-playing daughter by surprise.

Oops!” showcases the natural KIDS E-hydrate hydration + immunity drink mixes available at Target. The scene opens on a pig-tailed “professional mess maker” who’s all of 6 years old, enjoying a glass of Fruit Punch-flavored KIDS E-hydrate in the living room when —oops! — she “accidentally” spills, (make that, “impishly pours”), the drink on the beautiful hardwood floor. The same thing happens with a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade-flavored KIDS E-hydrate. But it’s no problem because, “KIDS E-hydrate doesn’t have any colors, so Mom doesn’t get mad if I have an “accident,” says Little Miss “Mess Maker” with a grin.

Both spots are currently airing nationwide in rotation on ABC Family, Bravo, Cooking Channel, Discovery Family, Disney XD, E!, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network and WE TV.

Peter Evans, CMO of E-hydrate said, “Until now we’ve counted on digital media to spread the word about E-hydrate’s naturally flavorful and convenient products. We are building a great brand, and this new campaign now gives us a way to quickly reach even more fans and friends, in a fun and engaging way, and invite them to look for us at Target.”

The work was created by Vaughn Juares, E-hydrate’s Executive Creative Director, with spots filmed at Silver Dream Factory by Fortaleza Filmworks and media placed by E-hydrate’s in-house media team.

For more information about E-hydrate, visit E-hydrate.com, and Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

About E-hydrate:

E-hydrate’s great-tasting, natural protein, hydration and endurance products target health and fitness-conscious, on-the-go consumers. E-hydrate’s natural products are ready all the time and are available in convenient single-serve packaging, including the Protein On-the-Go RTM (“Ready to Mix”) patent-pending pouch which becomes its own bottle when water is added. All of E-hydrate’s products are natural with great tasting real flavors born in the kitchen, not a laboratory. “Finally, natural tastes great.”