FLUROwater Undergoes Rebrand, Debuts as WANU at Natural Products Expo West

background_products_inlineimage_kcNEW YORK, March 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — FLUROwater Inc., the maker of the innovative vitamin, antioxidant, and fiber infused water announces today that it has rebranded to better align with the Company’s mission of providing a healthy beverage option with zero sugar, preservatives, or dyes. The new name, WANU, is derived from the core components of a healthy diet: WAter and NUtrition.

The Santa Monica-based Company’s water is a good source of fiber (6 grams per bottle) and contains 12 vitamins and nutrients (WANU contains 11 of the 13 vitamins deemed essential by the Academy of Science). As a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks and beverages, WANU is naturally flavored and sweetened with a monk-fruit and stevia blend. Containing a mere 5-10 calories per serving, WANU is available in four (4) flavors; Dark Cherry, Watermelon Raspberry, Peach Passion, and Kiwi Cucumber.

Sporting a new, custom bottle, WANU encourages active consumers to hydrate on the go, with a design sculpted to fit naturally in the palm of your hand. Every 16 oz. bottle of WANU is produced using aseptic processing resulting in a clean, refreshing beverage. In addition, WANU’s new unique bottle is BPA-free and made using recyclable #1 Grade PET. “We are committed to helping make it possible for every man, woman and child to live a truly healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Todd M. O’Gara, the Company’s founder and president.  “Through WANU, we are one step closer to that goal. Our water provides people with vital nutrients while being manufactured in a manner that doesn’t harm our environment.”

Inspired by the Company’s innovation, commitment to health, and potential for growth, Greg Rayburn joined the Company as Chairman of the Board in September 2014 before being named Chief Executive Officer later that year. Mr. Rayburn has served on a number of Boards, as well as in CEO, COO and CRO positions, including involvement with Hostess Brands, Magna Entertainment, Syntax-Brillian, WorldCom and Sunterra Corporation.

“WANU is not a beverage company, we’re a nutrition company that, through the innovation and commitment of Dr. O’Gara, has found a simple way to promote a healthy lifestyle by using water and nutrition as a first step,” said Mr. Rayburn. “People are looking for non-GMO products that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients but still environmentally conscious, which the market wasn’t offering. Now WANU offers all of that with a superior taste.”

The nutrients infused in WANU are backed by research and scientifically demonstrated to promote health through daily consumption. WANU’s carefully calculated and designed nutrient formula is a combination of specific vitamins, fiber, and minerals intended to promote general health and serve as a convenient support to your daily vitamin intake.

In 2013, the beverage was selected as a semifinalist in BevNET’s Best New Beverage Showdown, hosted by Venture Emerging Brands, a division of Coca-Cola.

The newly branded WANU will debut at the Natural Products Expo West 2015 on Friday, March 6th, 7th, 8th at the Anaheim Convention Center at the NEXT Pavilion Booth 6027 (http://www.expowest.com).

About WANU

WANU (short for WAter+NUtrition) is a great-tasting, innovative bottled water, infused with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. WANU is low calorie, sugar-free and contains 11 of the 13 vitamins deemed essential by the Academy of Science.  Santa Monica, CA-based, WANU was created by Dr. Todd M. O’Gara in 2012 after he witnessed first-hand the detrimental effects caused by the lack of access to proper nutrition and clean drinking water around the world. WANU is currently available in Northern California and Northern Nevada.  Please visit www.wanuwater.com for more information.