Icebox Water Names Quinn Kingsbury its Youngest Brand Ambassador

Cold Spring Harbor, NY (March, 2015) The green movement continues to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds when making purchasing decisions, with 71% considering the environment when they shop.[1] In order to lead the way to a sustainable future and inspire new generations to care for the planet, the importance of ethical consumption is passed on to the youth.  Research demonstrates that children believe they can make a difference, with 58% stating they would buy a product if it supported an ethical cause.[2]  To support motivated, active youth who are passionate about the environment, Icebox Water (, is proud to partner with 8 year old mountain biker Quinn Kingsbury as part of its inaugural brand ambassador team to inspire others to get outdoors and enjoy nature while also educating about the importance of making choices that protect the planet – like healthy, sustainable hydration.

An avid mountain biker and lover of the mountains, Quinn has been riding since he could walk.  His home in the Rocky Mountains supports his passion for trail building and blazing exploring the mountains around his home.  Quinn loves Icebox Water for cool, convenient refreshment that protects the places he plays. Quinn’s passion for outdoor adventures and his thrill for extreme sports inspire all those he meets.

“Having my first sponsor at eight years old is pretty cool,”says Kingsbury, “I don’t want to grow up just sitting on the couch. I want to help others get off the couch and make a difference too.”


Quinn’s talent as an athlete paired with his dedication to getting kids outdoors is needed more than ever.

Per the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, in the last two decades, childhood has moved indoors. The average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day, and more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen. The Nature Conservancy explains that “This shift inside profoundly impacts the wellness of our nation’s kids. Childhood obesity rates have more than doubled the last 20 years; the United States has become the largest consumer of ADHD medications in the world; and pediatric prescriptions for antidepressants have risen precipitously. Outdoor play increases fitness levels and builds active, healthy bodies, an important strategy in helping the one in three American kids who are obese get fit.”

The dedication to inspiring healthy, active lifestyles while preserving nature is at the heart of Icebox Water’s mission as company dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of people and the planet.

“We at Icebox are so inspired by Quinn’s talent and passion for mountain biking and protecting the places in which he plays. We couldn’t be more proud to support Quinn as a promising young athlete dedicated to pursuing his passion and sharing his enthusiasm and appreciation for the environment,” says Andrew Reynolds, President of Icebox Water. “Quinn’s love for outdoor adventure perfectly aligns with Icebox Water’s goal to help all individuals ‘refresh naturally’ and support healthy, active lifestyles.”

Offering premium, sustainably packaged water, Icebox Water’s carton is built with BPA-free aluminum lining that provides clean insulation of the crisp spring water inside, sustainably sourced from Canada. The result is incredibly fresh, pure, Earth-friendly and delicious refreshment. While plastic poses a serious environmental threat to ocean health, Icebox Water cartons are 100% recyclable, BPA-free and compostable (once spout and lid are removed).

Icebox Water continues to raise awareness and mobilize the public to protect environmental health through a variety of innovative initiatives and partnerships. As a member of the non-profit 1% For The Planet, Icebox Water donates to environmental sustainability projects as part of its mission. The company has also developed and launched its GreenUp Hollywood Campaign and Brand Ambassador Program provide outreach and education about the importance of taking action to live healthy lives while protecting the planet.

As a team, Icebox Water and Quinn Kingsbury demonstrate that pursuing dreams and protecting the planet are truly the hope for the future – as Icebox’s mission as a company and for Quinn as a rising athlete.

About Icebox Water™

Icebox Water™ produces conveniently packaged water that is good for people and good for the planet. The unique carton packaging is made from 74% cardboard and pressed paper, and is 100% recyclable.  Icebox Water™ is free of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly found in plastics, and boxes its water at the source of Canadian springs to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of purity and taste. As a member of the non-profit 1% for the Planet ( and through its GreenUp Hollywood campaign, Icebox Water demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Icebox Water™ can be found throughout North America at major markets such as Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, Albertson’s and Gristedes.

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