LuliTonix Introduces Three New Offerings Ahead of Storefront Debut

unnamedLuliTonix is rolling out a batch of three new blends, including Green Mylk and Life Mylk, that kick-off the brand’s new line of Adaptogenic Magic Mylks, as well as a powerfully fresh addition to LuliTonix raw green offerings – aptly named, The Blend. Together, The Blend and both Adaptogenic Magic Mylks comprise LuliTonix newest cleanse, The Alchemy Nourishment Program, designed to instill a ‘Functional Alchemy’ within the body. Available online, with deliveries starting this Friday, June 5th, the new blends will also be freshly stocked when the brand opens their premier storefront location later this month at Soho Strength Lab (182 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012). The storefront will serve as a pick-up location for cleanses and stock a full assortment of LuliTonix blends, potions, and a specially curated retail assortment.

LuliTonix Magic Mylks boast a combination of adaptogenic superfoods, traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to nourish and balance all body systems, fight fatigue and promote a healthy response to stress. With plans to expand the new magic blends, every single ingredient in the ‘mylks’ are designed to create a state of balance and flow that is the very key to wellness:

  • Green Mylk – Green Mylk’s adaptogenic symphony is a savory and sweet blend that includes, Moringa, a powerful ingredient with benefits including increased circulation, more sound sleep, and an enhanced libido.
  • Life Mylk –  Life Mylk is tart, refreshing and features a balancing trio of amla, hibiscus and goji berry. All potent adaptogens with cleansing, balancing, and energizing properties

Rounding out LuliTonix brand-new blends is The Blend, a superbly nutrient dense, power packed green juice, deliciously utilizing several supercharged ingredients to catapult the body into a harmonious state of nourishment and with low to no grams of sugar:

  • The Blend – Complete with micro-greens, fennel, extra virgin olive oil and Alma, considered in Ayurveda one the most vital adaptogens for true health, The Blend includes deliciously supercharged ingredients packing an extra nutritional punch.-