Mansi Launches in New York City, Enters Fairway Markets

unnamed-2New York City, April 9, 2015 — Mansi, the world’s first premium calamansi juice beverage, is gaining momentum and expanding its sales into Fairway Markets across the New York tri-state area. This innovative, not from concentrate drink is Non-GMO Project Verified and provides health-conscious consumers an alternative within the citrus juice category that is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free. The calamansi, Mansi’s main ingredient, makes it unique to those who have not tasted it beforeDespite its numerous health benefits, many Americans have never heard of a calamansi because it is not grown or sold in the United States. The fruit is native to the Philippines and a cultural staple that can be enjoyed at anytime. It has been a morning ritual for many Filipinos across the country to drink the fruit juice as a healthy way to kick start their day. “Due to the calamansi’s abundance in Vitamin C containing antioxidant and digestive properties, Filipinos drink the juice warm like tea in the morning or enjoy it as a cold, refreshing beverage throughout the day,” says Mansi CEO & Founder Charles Medenilla.

Nicknamed the Philippine Lemon or Golden Lime, the calamansi is regarded as the country’s best kept secret. The green-to-golden yellow fruit are tiny, but each one is packed with Vitamin C and nutrient rich.  Unlike the United States, lemons and oranges are not commonplace in the Philippines which makes the calamansi the go-to citrus fruit in the country for drinking, cooking and even traditionally known as an immunity booster.

Mansi’s ingredients are simple. The juice comes from hand-picked calamansi. It’s then sweetened with organic cane sugar and a splash of organic honey.  Consumers say the taste is unlike anything else. A perfect balance of sweet and sour that’s similar to a cross between a tangerine and a lime. Mansi also serves as a great addition to mixed drinks, and a delicious ingredient to cooking recipes that could use an exotic kick.

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About Mansi

Mansi launched in 2015 as the world’s first premium calamansi juice beverage. The company will be attending the Summer Fancy Food Show this June in New York City followed by Expo East in Baltimore this September.  The unique ready-to-drink citrus beverage is the first and only in its category to be Non-GMO Project Verified, using only the finest, most premium, hand-picked calamansi, then naturally sweetened with organic cane sugar and a splash of organic honey.