Molly’s Milk Truck Taps ‘Molly Man’ to Help New Yorkers Beat the Heat

unnamedRAMSEY, NJ (JULY 21, 2015)–A mysterious, bearded superhero has made his mark on New York, vowing to protect Manhattanites from long days at work and brutal summer heat.  According to eyewitness reports, the character who goes by Molly Man channels the power of almond milk iced coffee to save students, Wall Street executives, and yoga teachers alike.

Molly Man has been spotted driving through the city in Molly’s Milk Truck, a part-time superhero utility vehicle and full-time gourmet health food truck.  New Jersey-based Molly’s Milk Truck is well known for it’s delicious Almond Milk Iced Coffee.

“He didn’t say much, but he did mention that the coffee was dairy-free, gluten-free, and only 90 calories per bottle.   Before I could say thank you, he had already vanished,” said Brittany Elia, who had been saved on the street by Molly Man during her morning commute.

Hoda Mahmoodzadegan, founder of Molly’s Milk Truck, does not know the identity of the strange individual rescuing people with her beverages.  Prior to creating her iced coffee, Hoda made a high-stress living as a marketing executive at security firm in Manhattan.  After working herself in the ground, Hoda quit her job, making a vow to save herself by doing what she truly loved and putting healthier foods in her body.  While experimenting with healthy recipes, she developed her iced coffee and the concept for her food truck, losing 60lbs in the process.

She teamed up with Brian Keaton, a ex-government analyst, who helped her get coffee bottled and sold in stores.  Brian has been working diligently to track down Molly Man, although he often arrives on the scene just as the masked savior disappears into the crowds.

Molly’s Milk Truck beverages are distributed through Dora’s Naturals and are available at Whole Foods locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

About Molly’s Milk Truck
Molly’s Milk Truck combines creamy almondmilk with gourmet cold-brewed coffees.  Try both flavors: Signature and Red Eye. For additional information, please check out our website at and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For specific inquiries, please contact Hoda Mahmoodzadegan at