New Barn Launches Organic Almondmilk at Whole Foods

New Barn’s founders include foodies, chefs and natural foods natives who craved a better nondairy option for themselves, their families and consumers that would be easier than making it at home, less expensive than high-end farmers’ markets brands and cleaner than mass-market options currently available.


“We couldn’t find an almondmilk we wanted to drink available at the grocery store, so we made our own,” says co-founder Ted Robb. That process included using ingredients such as organic almonds, spring water and U.S.-grown maple syrup, while removing synthetic vitamins, stabilizers, flavorings and carrageenan, which may be extracted using harsh chemicals. The unsweetened version contains just four ingredients, sweetened has five and vanilla comes in with six. “Our efforts focused on creating the highest-quality product with the cleanest ingredients that is cost-effective and environmentally conscious, but that could be made to scale,” said Robb. “It was definitely a challenge to pull off.”

For more about the New Barn story, check out this short animated video that details how the product came to life:

With three flavors to choose from—unsweetened, sweetened and vanilla—New Barn almondmilk comes in convenient, highly recyclable PET bottles and costs $5.99. The product lands in the dairy cases of 56 Whole Foods Market stores across the Southern Pacific region, including Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, this week.

About New Barn
Healdsburg, Calif.-based New Barn is a fresh take on the simpler ways of making food. Our brand goes back to the future, where local, simple food and beverages are normal again. We value the people, animals and environments who create our products, giving all of us—producers and shoppers—a more rewarding, richer experience.,,