Press Clips: Deadspin Maligns Maple Water, Bai to Appear at Super Bowl 50

wn-maple-waterMaple Water Maligned

Deadspin recently offered up its take on the maple water category in true Gawker Media fashion. In a “bougie food review” of Trader Joe’s maple water product, writer Kevin Draper described the taste as “alright, at best,” the kindest words the product would receive from the publication. Draper went on to liken the beverage to “the final four ounces of water in a bottle that has been in your gym bag for a few days” before giving his parting words of wisdom to consumers to not only not purchase maple water, but any water that doesn’t come from the tap.

Forbes Explores Lawyer’s Failed Case Against 5-hour Energy

Forbes took a deep dive into the unraveling of lawyer Howard W. Rubinstein’s case against Living Essentials, the maker of 5-hour Energy, and in the process of doing so, shined a light into the world of class action attorneys. In Rubinstein’s case, it’s a particularly damning account. Five years after Rubinstein brought his case against the energy shot giant, a California court allowed 5-hour to move forward with a malicious prosecution action against the attorney, who allegedly belonged to “a loose affiliation of lawyers who ran an assembly-line process of identifying companies to sue and then helping each other find plaintiffs.”

bai-brasilia-blueberry-202x4841Bai at Super Bowl 50

Business Insider recently profiled Bai founder and CEO Ben Weiss, who revealed that the coffeefruit beverage brand will be advertising at the 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco as part of a greater effort into traditional marketing efforts like television commercials. Earlier this year Business Insider reported that the price of 30 second TV spot broadcast during the Super Bowl has risen 11 percent from last year to $5 million.

Tebow Gets Asprey’d

Tim Tebow recently had his eating habits explored by Esquire, which found that the former Heisman Trophy winner starts his mornings with a cup of Bulletproof coffee – the trending butter, oil and coffee combination made famous by self-described “biohacker” Dave Asprey. As for the rest of Tebow’s diet, the NFL free agent admits it’s a bit bland compared to his coffee routine, eating eggs for breakfast, greek yogurt as snacks, and lean meats like chicken, steak and salmon with asparagus, spinach and avocado on the side.

12219571_756447021147353_5349515759560032141_nQuigley Solves the On-The-Go Stoner’s Quagmire

For those who don’t have the time to sit down and get high, Quigley’s has a solution. The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based brand has developed a fast-acting cannabis shot, which accelerates the marijuanas edibles process so users can feel its effects “within seconds, building within a few minutes.” The brand’s partnered with Denver-based cannabis products producer Dixie Elixirs for sales and distribution to make the product available in Colorado by Thanksgiving. In announcing the deal, Quigley’s co-founder Tony Alfiere called the product a “groundbreaking alternative” for people “who cannot, should not, or do not like to smoke, or do not want to wait up to two hours.”