Recovery Water to Add Fresh Peach and Essence of Cucumber & Mint Flavors

unnamed-1Tacoma, Wash. (May 13, 2015) – Recovery Water was created based on a patented technology enabling cells to process at a higher level. The one-of-a-kind water provides effective relief to muscle soreness while promoting better health for everyone, no matter what their activity level. Research has shown that those who drink Recovery Water experience a reduction in pain and inflammation and accelerated recovery from injury and muscular stress.

Because of the invaluable benefits and unique creation process, this truly unique and functional water is establishing its own innovative category.

“Recovery Water offers a whole new viewpoint on water,” said Tyler Pigott, Vice President, Business Development at Reliant Hydration. “Studies have shown that integrating Recovery Water into one’s daily health routine provides added benefits, like less muscle damage, accelerated recovery and improved sense of well-being. Drinking Recovery Water simply makes you feel and function better.”

While Recovery Water will recharge the body after activity, it still looks, tastes and hydrates like pure water. This one-of-a-kind water will soon be available in two new flavors: Essence of Fresh Peach and Essence of Cucumber & Mint. With these new flavors, consumers will find all the benefits they are looking for along with refreshing taste. In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of Recovery Water, it must be kept refrigerated until consumed.

Additionally, Recovery Water has recently launched its new website, making the innovative beverage even more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. to see the fresh new look and to learn more about how customers recover faster and feel better.

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About Reliant Hydration Inc.
Based in Tacoma, Wash., Reliant Hydration Inc. is providing a new way to look at water. Recovery Water is electro-kinetically modified water that empowers cells in the body to process at a higher level, thus contributing to less pain and soreness and overall better health. Since its creation, Recovery Water has undergone several studies, which have proven that the innovative water reduces muscle damage and enables those who drink it to continue their active lifestyle. Drinking Recovery Water simply helps anyone, no matter what their activity level, feel and function better.

Recovery Water is available for purchase at and at select retailers.