SDC Nutrition Launches ProHydrate 741215484.raspberry.lemonadeAboutTime®, the natural, stevia sweetened protein brand of SDC Nutrition announces their expansion into the Ready-To-Drink beverage sector with ProHydrate™. ProHydrate™ is a clear, crisp, refreshing low-calorie protein water alternative to current artificially sweetened milk based protein beverage options. ProHydrate™ is currently available in two great tasting stevia sweetened flavors: Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade. Made without any artificial colors, sweeteners or flavoring, this innovative breakthrough protein beverage is loaded with 20g of pure whey protein isolate, while remaining both fat and lactose free. ProHydrate™ contains a mere 95 delicious calories and 3 carbs per thirst quenching 12 ounce bottle! The future of RTD Protein is here!

It’s About Time!

Expect more from your protein supplements, RTDs and meal replacement bars. About Time is simply the cleanest, best-tasting protein family of nutritional products on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a whey protein isolate, a pre-workout supplement, on-the-go snacks, or a vegan protein, About Time has a high quality product designed to meet your needs while tasting great. At About Time, we are passionate about nutrition. That’s why we design our products to be nutritionally superior to other options without resorting to artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Trust us, your body will feel the difference. Our Natural products are ideal for everyone, including athletes in training, those leading an active lifestyleand those looking for help with weight managementor other clinical nutrition needs.