Spindrift Named Best Carbonated Beverage at BevNET’s Best of 2015

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Spindrift Beverage, America’s first sparkling water made with real, fresh ingredients, has been awarded “Carbonated Beverage of the Year” during “BevNET’s Best of 2015” live event. Spindrift Beverage Company creates full-flavor sparkling drinks made with fresh juice and cane sugar. In March 2015, Spindrift launched an unsweetened line of “seltzers” with real fruit and no added sugar in convenient can packaging. Together, the products make up a portfolio of carbonated offerings that reconnect consumers to real ingredients.

“We’re truly honored to be selected,” said Bill Creelman, Founder and CEO of Spindrift. “It shows that people want to know what they’re drinking. To this point, the carbonated space has been allowed to fill their products with artificial ingredients, sweeteners and who knows what else. The movement toward real, fresh food is transitioning into beverage now. It’s exciting to be on the sharp end of that shift. Real ingredients are strangely radical these days.”


About BevNet:

BevNET.com is the leading beverage-oriented media company, producing a web site, print magazine, and live conference series. The company was founded in 1996 by John Craven, with its mission to offer, through products in a variety of media, the best, most comprehensive forum for news coverage, expertise, partnership and support for all members of the beverage community.

Since its inception, BevNET.com has become a recognized authority on the beverage industry. BevNET.com and its employees are often used as sources for media publications looking for industry information, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press, CNBC and Wired Magazine. BevNET has offices in Watertown, MA, New York, NY, and San Diego, CA.

About Spindrift:

Bill Creelman grew up on a farm in Western Massachusetts where all the food was unprocessed, seasonal and fresh. In 2009, he began making his own sparkling beverages to help him kick his daily Diet Coke habit. He wanted something refreshing, with real ingredients he could understand and feel good about. He started with fresh fruit and filtered sparkling water. Spindrift was made available to the marketplace in the Spring of 2010.

At Spindrift, we believe the best things in life are simple, honest and real. The same should be true for carbonated beverages. We are proud to produce the first and only sparkling waters made with real, fresh fruit. Our fruit is picked from family farms and then squeezed and bottled/canned within only a few days from harvest. The resulting product is light, bright, and slightly pulpy—- a completely unique offering for an evolving carbonated space.

We are committed to reintroducing people to the amazing taste of real ingredients. No secret recipes andno artificial ingredients you can’t understand. Just fresh-squeezed fruit, triple-filtered water, cane sugar and bubbles.

For more information about Spindrift, please visit: www.spindriftfresh.com or follow us @spindriftfresh