Sweet’tauk Utilizes CircleUp for Angel Round of Funding

425466955.sweettaulk.zingyginger.frontMONTAUK, NY, 30, November 2015 — Sweet’tauk LLC, announced today that they have been accepted to CircleUp, a leading equity crowd funding platform, for their round of angel founding. “We are thrilled to have been accepted to CircleUp” says Deborah Aiza, founder. “In addition to introducing us to funding sources, CircleUp allows us to gain wider experience in presentation, engagement and investor relations.”

In 2012, Sweet’tauk begin making their premium lemonade in Montauk, NY and selling it at farmer’s markets and through their seasonal Montauk storefront. They built their initial following through self-distribution throughout the Hamptons, before successfully launching in Whole Foods Market Northeast Region and over one hundred independent markets in the NY metro area.

Sweet’tauk lemonade is fresh squeezed, cold pressed, and never heated with less than half the sugar of other lemonades. It even has less sugar then some leading cleanse drinks. “We took out the sugar and didn’t replace it with another sweetener,” says Aiza, “Sweet’tauk is not over sweetened like other lemonades. It’s refreshing and fresh tasting.” In the spring of this year they put their fresh-tasting lemonade to the test and became a finalists at BevNet’s New Beverage Showdown. Like most green juices, Sweet’tauk lemonade uses High Pressure Processing (HPP), a process that utilizes cold water under high pressure instead of heat to preserve favor and freshness.

“Lemonade is something everyone understands but it hadn’t changed in 40 years. We updated it for today’s natural products consumer, their kids, and their families”

Sweet’tauk considers lemonade a huge untapped market for its innovative products and plans to use the angel round funds to expand production, distribution, and sales. “We grew slowly to get to this moment and we are now ready to expand.” Aiza says “We have a great team of experienced industry advisors prepared to help us take the next steps.”

For more information and to view the Sweet’tauk CircleUp campaign, please visit https://circleup.com/c/sweettauk-lemonade/.

For further information or to schedule a time to visit the store and/or speak with Sweet’tauk Founder and CEO Deborah Aiza, please contact Sweet’tauk at (631) 668-5681 or deb@sweettauk.com

About Sweet’tauk 

Sweet’tauk, a certified B-Corp, is dedicated to being the leader in offering the greatest tasting, healthiest lemonades to the broadest range of consumers while sourcing, producing, distributing, and marketing its product in a manner consistent with their business model centered on people, planet, profit and purpose. For more information about Sweet’tauk, visit http://www.sweettauk.com or email info@sweettauk.com.

About CircleUp 

CircleUp is a marketplace for investors and non-technology entrepreneurs. Accredited investors find free access to select private investments, easy tools to identify and diligence companies and online transaction capability to make investments. For retail and consumer product entrepreneurs, CircleUp offers an efficient way to access a network of sophisticated investors as well as value added partners. For more information, visit https://circleup.com/.