Volvic Unveils Label Redesign, Announces New Brand Identity

unnamed02/09/2015 — At the dawn of their 50 years, Volvic unveils a new look – centered on the symbol of the volcano.

For the last 50 years, Volvic has been recognized for its unique mineral profile. Today the brand gives itself a new identity. At the heart of the new image: the Volcano, emblem of Volvic since five decades. The new identity embodies the authenticity and the natural mineral properties of this engaged brand.

50 years of Authenticity

100% natural, Volvic Natural Spring Water draws its minerals and its unique taste from the 6,000 year-old volcanic rocks. Created by nature, it personifies the strength and power of the volcano in essence. Volvic obtains its unique mineral composition and natural purity by its six layers of volcanic filtration.

A new identity, a cleaner look, all in transparency

Willing to empower its own distinctive ecosystem, Volvic releases a new label, imprint of the unique mineral composition inherent to the brand. An authenticity underlined by the Volcano as core of this new identity.  Coupled with the image of a Red Kite, an endangered species of bird of prey that Volvic is committed to preserve together with the French Bird Protection Association, Volvic takes this opportunity to highlight its geological heritage and its symbol, the volcano.

A transparent and elegant packaging – stronger and impactful – to echo the authenticity of this natural water created by volcanoes

Launched in the US in 2003, Volvic is available in multiple specialty grocery, natural food stores and, hotels and restaurants across the country.

The Natural Spring Water of Volvic is drawn from the Natural Regional Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, in the Chaîne des Puys in Auvergne, France. The source, located on 9,400 acres, travels through this natural filter comprising of six layers of volcanic rocks, giving it its unique purity and mineralization. The naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and its balanced pH of 7,  provide Volvic Natural Spring Water’s lightness, authenticity and unique taste.