BioSteel Launches All Natural Sports Drink in the United States

14155b0c-3589-4116-930a-4d856a0a938e-1Toronto, ON. May 10, 2016 – BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. has launched its highly sought after High Performance Sports Mix in a Ready-to-Drink format (‘BioSteel Sports Drink’) in the United Stated, making it one of the only sugar free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly, all natural sports drinks on the market.

This uniquely formulated training product contains electrolytes derived from organic minerals that are vital in assisting and maintaining hydration, along with amino acids to provide sustained energy, mental clarity and a quicker recovery.

Created as a healthy alternative to high sugar and high caffeine based sports drinks, BioSteel Sports is proven to improve focus, concentration and enhances energy levels without the use of stimulants, which removes energy spikes and crashes.

First formulated in 2003, BioSteel Sports Drink has established itself as an industry leader in high performance training and is used by top athletes across North America. Since then it has expanded and flourished in the consumer market with its Ready-to-Drink format providing individuals with a safe and healthy alternative in an easy grab-and-go option. BioSteel’s Ready-To-Drink uses a unique ‘push-release’ cap to store its powder in as it is most functionally effective when consumed close to the time of mixing. In addition, the unique formula can’t be pre-mixed due to its authentic and all natural ingredients and its commitment to avoiding any artificial preservatives in its products.

BioSteel’s organic growth in the elite athletic community has been instrumental in securing the companies star studded brand ambassadors that include Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, Andrew Wiggins of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays, and Sean Lee of the Dallas Cowboys.

About BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc.

Founded in 2009, BioSteel is a sports nutrition company that was built on the principles of product transparency, marketing authenticity, premium ingredient use, and functionally optimal / effective products. BioSteel’s line of nutritional products range from an electrolyte and amino acid enhanced sports drink with no sugar or caffeine, and no artificial colours, or flavours, to a line of proteins and a variety of nutritional bars. BioSteel’s products can be found in training facilities, grocery, drug, gas and convenience, and health food stores across North America.

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