Calypso Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Glass of Lemonade

84ebe868-5631-47ba-bf45-aa7df8306a9cCalypso, producer of flavored Lemonades, Limeades and Teamonades®, has just been officially awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Glass of Lemonade ever made. Calypso’s World Record attempt was part of the company’s annual National Lemonade Day celebration held this past August in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can view highlights from Calypso’s World Record attempt HERE.

Calypso shattered the previous World Record, more than doubling the old mark, by making 3,246 gallons of its famous Original Lemonade recipe and filling a giant, custom Calypso Lemonade glass. Event attendees participated in the record-breaking attempt by assisting Calypso with the lemonade-making process. The giant glass was outfitted with pouring taps, and free Calypso Original Lemonade was served to event attendees to enjoy after the World Record was achieved. Attendees also received commemorative T-shirts and cups to mark the historical event.

“We are extremely proud to be awarded a Guinness World Record, and equally proud that we broke the record with our same Original Lemonade recipe that folks have loved and enjoyed for almost 20 years,” said Calypso President, Jeff Outlaw. “We are thrilled to share this great feat with our consumers who either participated in the event or helped cheer us on from home. Ultimately, it was a great celebration of lemonade in America, and a fun way to celebrate our shared love of lemonade with many of our friends and supporters of Calypso.”

Calypso’s National Lemonade Day World Record event was part of Calypso’s “Calypso Lemonade Month” in which the company features a different Calypso lemonade flavor every day, holding daily giveaways and giving away a Year Supply of Calypso Lemonades to one of its lucky fans.

About Calypso: Calypso, the originator of the Flavored Lemonade category, has evolved from four Lemonade blends into twenty unique Lemonade, Limeade and Teamonade® combinations over the past fifteen years. Each Calypso is made with real fruit, real sugar, real fruit bits and served in high-quality custom glass bottles. Calypso is headquartered and produced in Milwaukee, WI, and is owned and operated by King Juice Company, Inc.