Cool Mountain Beverages Introduces California Peach and Royal Grape Flavors

1443a658-f7b5-48b0-8831-2f6feba950a6Cool Mountain Beverages is a true craft soda maker and offers consumers a wide range of interesting flavors, They currently market; Green Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream, Blue Razzberry. And now …California Peach and Royal Grape.

“We have spent the past 19 years researching historical recipes and flavor providers, developing the perfect blend for each of our products. Full bodied and refreshing, Cool Mountain is carefully handcrafted, using only pure cane sugar and the finest naturally caffeine free ingredients, lightly carbonated, to exact the fullest flavor possible.” Bill Daker President/ California Peach evokes a “fun in the sun” feeling ….the perfect drink to have when you need to refresh a long day. Royal Grape is rich and sophisticated, with a fresh from the vineyard taste and is sure to satisfy the deepest thirst. Both are bottled in Glass in small batches and fit perfectly into this already unique line.

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California Peach and Royal Grape are sold by the case, in single bottles, mix and match four packs, as a fountain drink and in bag and box syrup and will now be available with other Cool Mountain products in retail outlets and restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica and the U.K. And, are available online 24/7 at and

Cool Mountain Beverages Announces Chicago Draft Style Ginger Ale

“The Champagne of Craft Sodas”

4543345d-6edb-466c-ae3d-1b970174dd8eChicago Draft Style Ginger Ale, is made from a selection of all natural caffeine free ingredients, real ginger, no additives or colors and of course, pure cane sugar. Packaged in an amber glass bottle to preserve the natural flavor and lock in the freshness. Chicago Draft Style Ginger Ale is truly, “The Champagne of Craft Sodas”- A light and distinctly refreshing taste that celebrates …anytime.

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Ale joins the “Chicago Draft Style” line of fine craft beverages that include Chicago Draft Style Root Beer, Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer, Chicago Draft Style Black Cherry, Chicago Draft Style Cream Soda and now Chicago Draft Style Ginger Ale.

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Ale, along with Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer, shows the companies’ future commitment to the “All Natural” arena, with both products using only caffeine free, natural ingredients and Pure Cane Sugar in their making.

Incorporated in May 1997, Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc. (CMB) is based in Des Plaines, Ill. and is licensed and distributed through franchisee agreements throughout the U.S, Canada, Malaysia, Panama and Costa Rica. With continuing, steady growth and environmentally conscience practices, Cool Mountain Beverages has established a strong reputation for both their superior products and socially responsible approach to business.

Are you thirsty?

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