Expo East 2016: Steady to the Kor

kor_970For Kor Shots, the Malibu, Calif.-based brand of organic cold-pressed juice shots, exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East 2016 was about embracing steady positive growth.

Since launching Kor at Expo West 2015, founder Jordan Retamar has found fertile ground for the development of the brand in the spaces between the functional supplement and cold-pressed juice categories.

Kor is currently sold in several regions of Whole Foods, where the shots are stocked in the retailer’s body care section rather than with RTD juice products. The company’s motto of “Shake, Shoot, Feel” defines Kor’s straightforward appeal. All four SKUs — Wellness, Vitality, Black Magic, and Youth — are high-pressure processed and contain 100 percent organic ingredients. Packaged in 1.7 oz. sized bottles, the shots require refrigeration and have an approximately 30-day shelf life.

Its placement amongst health products underscores Kor’s open-minded approach; for example, the inspiration for Black Magic came from health and beauty products. After observing its use as a detoxifier in facial creams, Retamar saw an opportunity to take advantage of activated charcoal — which is said to impede the body’s absorption of drugs and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract — in a juice shot by adding organic ginger, lemon and coconut water.

Kor’s newest SKU, Youth, has a similar basis in dermatology: its main ingredient is sea buckthorn, an herb sometimes used in skin care products whose berries are noted for their anti-aging properties. The shot balances the sea buckthorn’s tangy, sour taste with raw Baobab powder, a citrusy flavored fruit high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Meanwhile, Retamar is continuing to discover where Kor can be sold. He is keen to explore new retail locations where the brand could thrive, from chiropractic offices to bars and clubs, where he sees potential for Kor shots as cocktail mixers. He also sees possibilities in combining the shots with bone broths to create an ultra-potent healthy beverage.

Yet even as Kor embraces big ideas, the brand, which unveiled a newly redesigned logo that emphasizes the company’s Malibu roots, is maintaining a deliberately paced trajectory.

“I want the company to grow slowly and in the right way,” said Retamar. “I don’t want to expand too fast if I don’t believe the product is right and I’m really excited about it.”

Moreover, he said that he’s having too much fun; as Kor’s founder and sole full-time employee, Retamar still handles all phases of the production process, from sourcing ingredients to pressing, packaging and shipping the finished product.

“I still love going to the farm and picking the produce,” said Retamar. “I still love the production side.”