Expo East 2016 Video: NüMoo Emphasizes Innovation in Alt-Dairy

Super-premium dairy alternative brand NüMoo unveiled a revamped label and several innovative line extensions, including an Edamame Soy Milk, at Natural Products Expo East 2016. In an interview with BevNET, NüMoo co-founder Joe Savino said that the updates represent a continued focus on producing nutrient-laden and clean label formulations for plant-based milks.

“Almonds have their fun and have their place.” Savino said. “But we’re really trying to… be super innovative with our products, but still be somewhat familiar. With the edamame milk, for example, we’re taking something that’s traditional in soy milk and trying to reinvigorate it, and make it healthy again with edamame, which is young soy beans.”

Cold-pressed juice company Juisi launched NüMoo earlier this year and promotes the brand as premium and organic alternative to mass market dairy-free milks. The products, which include Chocolate Almond, Vanilla Bean Cashew, Strawberry Pecan, and Strawberry Pistachio, are made with whole ingredients that are finely ground in a process the company describes as “cold milled” and high pressure processed.

In this video, filmed from the NüMoo at Expo East, Savino explains the company identifies opportunities for innovation, how its cold milling process provides for greater fiber content than other methods and why he thinks the label revamp will help the brand stand out on shelf. Savino also shares his thoughts on the growth and development of the premium nut milk segment.