Green Sheep Water Launches New Label Design

Green Sheep Water Launches New Label DesignChicago, IL. (August 22, 2016) – Green Sheep Water, “bottled water but waaaay better”, announces the launch of a new label design for their purified water in eco-friendly 100 percent aluminum bottles.

After gaining significant traction in their launch market of Chicago, Green Sheep Water is excited for this new update. “We know that our eco-friendly aluminum bottles are unique to the category, and while they offer a multitude of benefits, sometimes consumers are looking for more direction on what’s actually inside the bottle,” says CEO Nicole Doucet. “With this update, which includes a much larger “WATER” label, along with a set of icons explaining the benefits and a generally more refined look, it should be abundantly clear.”

Consumers will be happy to find the same 16 ounces of pure water sourced from a glacial aquifer in 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottles, which are not only recycled more than twice as often (67 percent vs 31 percent for plastic) but are also infinitely recyclable. This means that one Green Sheep Water bottle can be recycled into a new, identical bottle, whereas plastic gets downcycled into lesser quality materials that eventually make their way into landfills and oceans. Customers are busy and on-the-go, and the aluminum bottles help the water to chill quickly and stay cold longer to keep consumers hydrated and refreshed throughout their activity-filled days.

Find Green Sheep Water in a selection of grocery stores, cafés, and quick-service-restaurants around the country.

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About Green Sheep Water

Green Sheep Water is bottled water “but waaaay better”. Its flagship product is still water sourced from a glacial aquifer that comes in 100 percent recyclable aluminum bottles, which offers a better end-of-life prospect, keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans.

Launched in late 2014, Green Sheep Water is available in select states, including regional placement at Whole Foods, Star Market, Roundy’s, and Mariano’s stores. Thousands of individuals and dozens of events have made the switch to Green Sheep Water in an effort to make bottled water purchases that consider both the origin and end-life of the product and how that, in turn, affects the environment. Since launching a year and a half ago, well over 100,000 plastic bottles have been diverted from the waste stream.