KRā Expands Distribution in Mid-Atlantic and Launches in Chicago

Washington, DC, June 29, 2016 – KRā Drinks for Athletes, Inc., which launched its new line USDA-Certified Organic Sports Drinks in the Mid-Atlantic Region, has expanded its distribution to Chicago. KRā (rhymes with ‘Play’) comes in four flavors: Berry, Fruit Punch, Lemon and Orange. Vibrant, standout packaging and branding appeal to mainstream athletes and parents of athletes.


KRā is available in select Whole Foods Markets, Yes! Organic stores, and other natural and specialty foods chains. The drinks are also sold online at and KRā is currently distributed by five regional distributors serving hundreds of other retail outlets.

“We’re thrilled with the market’s response,” said Sarah Koleno, the company’s CEO. “There’s a true need for an organic brand of sports drink with a mainstream appeal, and KRā meets that need.”

KRā offers refreshing, organic hydration for everyday athletes of all ages. The drinks are free of artificial ingredients or sweeteners, dyes, or other additives, giving athletes the hydration they need without any junk. All four varieties of KRā are also certified Kosher and are non-GMO and gluten free.

About KRā Drinks for Athletes, Inc.

KRā Drinks for Athletes Inc. is a high-energy brand that provides organic hydration to athletes. KRā was founded by a team of athlete-entrepreneurs dissatisfied with the current options in the sports drink market, and who wanted

to give back to the sports community. Through its KRā for Play program, the company donates a share of profits to support sports programming for disadvantaged youth. KRā was founded in 2015. For more information, contact: or visit and follow us on social media @drinkkra.