KRa Organic Sports Drink Expands Distribution


Chicago, IL, December 5, 2016 –  KRa Drinks for Athletes, Inc. has expanded distribution of its USDA Certified Organic Sports Drink in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

KRa Organic Sports Drinks has expanded into additional Whole Foods Markets in the Mid-Atlantic region and has secured distribution in additional retailers in conjunction with new distribution partners in the Mid-Atlantic region.  KRa also kicked off new distribution partnerships in the Midwest region with Brewers Distributors N/A division, Fortune Gourmet and Norman Distribution.  These distributors will be securing partnerships and delivering to several retailers in the greater Chicagoland area including Mariano’s, Plum Market and other outlets throughout the Midwest region.

“Growing our distributor partnerships is key to expanding our footprint in each of our launch regions and will help drive our growth.” Sarah Hardgrove-Koleno, Founder & CEO.

KRa organic sports drinks meet the growing consumer demand for “clean” food and beverages made with real ingredients and nothing artificial. KRa contains organic fruit juices and electrolytes for optimal hydration, but does not have any added junk like excess sugar, artificial sweeteners or dyes. KRa set out to create a sports drink that gives athletes an alternative to the sugar-filled, dye-filled, neon options currently on the market and to change how sports drinks are perceived.  Athletes take care of their bodies, train and eat clean, now they can hydrate with a sports drink that aligns with a healthy lifestyle.  KRa is caffeine-free, certified Kosher, non-GMO and Gluten Free.

ABOUT KRa Drinks for Athletes, Inc.

KRa Drinks for Athletes Inc. provides real, organic hydration for athletes without any junk like artificial flavors, colors or other fake ingredients.  KRa was founded by a team of athletic entrepreneurs who were dissatisfied with the current offerings in the sports drink market and wanted to create a great-tasting, certified organic sports drink that didn’t compromise taste or ingredient quality.  KRa gives back to the community through its KRa for Play giveback program that supports organizations that provide sports programming for disadvantaged youth. For more information, contact: or visit and follow us on social media @drinkkra.