NACS 2016 Video: Slim Cans Position Sipp Sparkling Organics For C-Store Success

Already an established name in the natural and conventional grocery channels, Sipp Sparkling Organics made its NACS show debut at the 2016 edition of the event, held last week in Atlanta.

Sipp markets a craft-centric line of USDA Certified Organic sodas that come in both 12 oz. longneck glass bottles and 10.5 oz. slim cans. Speaking at NACS, Sipp founder and CEO Beth Wilson told BevNET the C-store channel represents an ideal opportunity to address consumers’ demand for better-for-you beverages, specifically via the brand’s can package.

“What we’ve heard is that a lot of the customers are looking for something better for you and kind of getting away from traditional beverages, and we can offer that with the cans,” said Wilson. “It’s less expensive, it’s more portable, and I think it works for the category.”

In this video interview, Wilson discusses more about the brand’s C-store strategy as well as a forthcoming flavors and Sipp’s growing popularity as a cocktail mixer.