Positive Beverage Hydrates the 2016 Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A record hot year for the 29th Annual LA Marathon, Positive Beverage was ready for thirsty runners throughout the 26.2 miles!

From Dodgers Stadium to Santa Monica, an estimated 25,000 people participated this year, one of the largest in the nation. The magnitude of this year’s marathon and record heat drove the need for a healthy electrolytes beverage to hydrate those throughout the competition making Positive H2OTM from Positive Beverage the perfect choice.

Of course, we got especially loud when Children’s Bureau’s “Team All-4-Kids” ran by – who were sponsored by Positive Beverage in an effort to raise money for child welfare.

Having blown through thousands of beverages before the end of the race, we had a chance to talk with numerous athletes. One in particular stated, “…how difficult it is to find a beverage for diabetics as most contain sugar, sodium and other ingredients that negatively affect a diabetic…I’ll be a customer for life!”

Desiring a healthier functional beverage that offered more benefits, Positive Beverage was born with a refreshing portfolio of naturally flavored, great tasting beverages to promote an active healthy lifestyle. With that mission, every Positive Beverage provides over 100% all added vitamins, immune boosting antioxidants and healthy Potassium electrolytes.

Answering the need for a natural energy/sport beverage, Positive Charge delivers plenty of boost from green tea and the guarana berry while Positive H2OTM contains the perfect combination of Calcium + Vitamin D while all beverages remain zero calorie, sugar, sodium and gluten free!