Press Clips: Alkaline Water Is a Big Hit with Super Bowl’s Carolina Panthers

the-new-keurig-b30-mini-kcup-brewer-21311172Coffee Pods Cooling Off?

A recent article published by The Washington Post reports that coffee pods may be falling out of favor with American consumers. The Post wrote that while sales of single-serve cups tripled between 2011 and 2013, Keurig, the leading manufacturer of coffee pods and pod machines, stated that sales of its devices tumbled by 7 percent in the last quarter. It was the sixth straight quarter in which Keurig reported declining unit sales. Keurig pods, called “K-cups,” also took a hit in the timeframe, with sales slipping for the second consecutive quarter.

The article points to a number of reasons for weaker sales, including the troubled launch of Keurig’s “Keurig 2.0” machine, which was designed to work only with pods approved for use by the company, and a post-recession economy in which Americans increasingly favor premium coffee options over less expensive — per prepared cup — pods. The Post also notes that many consumers are unhappy with the fact that most pods are not recyclable. The article states that “K-cup trash could wrap around the Earth more than 10 times.”

B Sweet Cold BrewL.A. Dessert Bar Launches New Canned Nitro Coffee

Cold brew may be the hottest trend in the category of ready-to-drink coffee, and within the segment nitrogenated versions are attracting some attention. There are, however, only a handful of companies that produce nitro coffee in cans, including Stumptown and Cuvee Coffee. Joining the short list is a dessert-centric restaurant in Los Angeles called B Sweet. Eater L.A. wrote about the restaurant’s recent launch of B Sweet Coffee Co.’s Nitro Coffee Black. The beverage can be purchased at B Sweet for $4.50 for a single 11 oz. can or $16 for a 4-pack. On its website, B Sweet notes that the cans do not contain the “widget” used in many nitrogenated beverages.

“Think of them as mini kegs,” B Sweet says. “Our amazing ‘24 hour’ cold brew coffee gets nitrogenated and pumped into our cans with a little puff of liquid nitrogen. Over months of testing and perfecting, we figured out how to do this WITHOUT the “widget” that Guinness beers and other nitro beverages out there have to use.”

Eater L.A. reported that B Sweet is planning to launch a canned nitro matcha drink soon.

Teddy-Williams-TEN-300x382Carolina Panthers’ Defensive Players Gulp Alkaline Water

While Gatorade may be the beverage of choice for most professional footballers, defensive players on the Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers have been chugging alkaline water all season. reports that Panthers players swear by a small brand called Alkalife Ten, which sells water that’s infused with minerals and has a pH level of 10. The article states that Teddy Williams was the first Panthers player to start drinking Alkalife Ten and recommended it to his teammates.

“He said he could tell it enhanced his performance,” said Robert Smith, the CEO of Grand Springs, which produces Alkalife Ten. “Then Colin Jones started using our product as well. Now the entire defensive line for the Carolina Panthers is using our product.”

Naked Juice Ad Campaign Is Designed To Be “Hyper-Local”

“Endorsed By Kale” is the newest ad campaign for Naked Juice and is designed to portray the Pepsico-owned brand as “juice and smoothie maker that feels local and homegrown,” according to the company. MediaPost Agency Daily spoke with Andrea Theodore, head of marketing, Naked Emerging Brands, who said that the marketing effort is “is a hyper-local advertising campaign that leverages insights about the lifestyle, behaviors and beliefs of the audience to reinforce the brand’s commitment to community.


The campaign will appearing in eight U.S. markets: Chicago, New York, Portland, Ore., Seattle, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Billboard ads promoting the campaign will be placed within “hip neighborhoods” of each city and feature local-focused copy such as “KALEFORNIA DREAMING” in San Diego and “WELCOME TO KALE-LANDIA” in Portland.