Reliant Recovery Water Expands Distribution to Kroger Western Banners


TACOMA, WA (July 20, 2016) – Reliant Hydration Inc, an operating division of technology research firm Revalesio Corporation and manufacturer of  Reliant Recovery Water, today announces its expansion into several Kroger-owned supermarket banners on the west coast in August.  In addition to QFC in Seattle new stores will include Ralph’s in Los Angeles, Fry’s in Phoenix, and Fred Meyer in Portland.

Through the use of a unique and patented process developed by Revalesio, Reliant Recovery Water is innovative and proven to be uniquely functional. Years of scientific research has shown that Reliant Recovery Water, in addition to supporting proper hydration, will reduce physical stress and accelerate muscle recovery1.

“The addition of new Kroger banner stores is a major step in our continued expansion, giving us a significant market presence on the west coast as well as a solid base as we continue to expand eastward.” said Bill Germano, President of Reliant Recovery Water. “Our place in the refrigerated shelves of western Kroger stores allows for Reliant Recovery Water to be more readily accessible to everyone from serious athlete to everyday health enthusiast as they experience the results for themselves.”

The water contains no sugar, no calories, no artificial coloring, no added ingredients other than electrolytes and natural flavors, and provides a distinctly crisp and fresh taste for hydration that your body will feel. Reliant Recovery Water comes in four refreshing spa-profile flavors including Original, Cucumber Mint, Peach, and new Lemongrass.

Reliant Recovery Water is available in 500ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $2.99. To learn more about Reliant Recovery Water, its availability and to see published research, please visit

About Reliant Recovery Water

Reliant Hydration Inc is an operating division of privately-held Revalesio Corporation, a biotech and engineering research firm based in Tacoma WA. Reliant Recovery Water, processed using Revalesio technology, is our consumer brand developed and initially launched in the Pacific Northwest in 2015. Reliant Recovery Water is in the process of expanding nationally in 2016.

1Researchers from the University of Florida and Seattle Performance Medicine validated Reliant Recovery Water’s benefits, concluding that the drink improves functional recovery after exercise. For more information on Reliant Recovery Water please visit and follow Recovery Water on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.