ROAR Announces Upcoming Launch of ROAR Organic

Roar_B970ROAR Beverages, a sports drink brand that adopted the imagery of the energy drink category, is looking to expand the scope of its consumer base with the upcoming launch of a new product line.

At next month’s Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore, the New York-based brand will debut Roar Organic, an organic line extension of “electrolyte infusions” targeting an older demographic and tilting toward more female consumers, the founder says.

“With Roar, we set out to be the Monster of sports drinks,” said company founder Roly Nesi in a call with BevNET. “With Roar Organic we’re looking to be the Lululemon of sports drinks. This is a lifestyle product that can go after that yoga, Soul Cycle, Barry’s Boot Camp customer.”

A five calorie product sweetened with a blend of organic erythritol, stevia and evaporated cane sugar, the line extension is set to launch in three flavors: Watermelon Cucumber, Mango Clementine and Strawberry Coconut. The packaging for the brand extension was led by Trina Bentley of Austin-based branding and packaging agency Make & Matter, who designed the packaging for EPIC Bar.

Nesi indicated ‘Organics’ will operate parallel to ROAR’s flagship company, tapping into a new distribution network and utilizing a separate sales team.

“We don’t want to cross streams here,” Nesi said. “Organic will have it’s own website, social media channels. Everything about this brand will be unique and authentic.”

Nesi pointed to “white space” in the organic sports drink segment, saying that established sports drink titans have been unable to connect with the natural and organic consumer, and likening Roar Organics’ position in the marketplace to brands like Bai and Core Organic more so than Gatorade’s upcoming entry into the organic space or Honest Sport.

“You’re seeing this across all categories in beverages,” Nesi said. “Consumers are looking for a new brand, not an adaptation of a legacy brand, especially at retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts. A winner hasn’t emerged in the organic sports drink category so we really think there’s opportunity for us to come in and mold this category in our image and become the go to organic option for electrolyte hydration.”

As for Roar’s flagship brand, Nesi reported recent gains in distribution at Costco, Sam’s Club and Stop & Shop. The company also recently crossed the pond by way of a partnership with C&C Group, an Ireland and UK-based beverage manufacturer that’s authorized ROAR for placement in 3,500 convenience stores.

“We’ve opened an office in Dublin, we’re not just sending stuff to a distributor. We’re really supporting this international expansion with a team on the ground there,” Nesi added.