SmashPack Celebrates a Year of Growth into National and Regional Chains

Irvine, CA (June 1, 2016) – SmashPack, the all-natural, high protein and real fruit nutritional snack brand, is now here nationwide to help you make healthier choices no matter how crazy life gets. These spouted squeeze packs are for athletes and anyone on-the-go looking for a quick, healthy snack/meal replacement made from real food. SmashPack Protein is a high-protein fruit pouch providing long-lasting natural energy to power athletes and active adults.

SmashPack Protein is the only thick and smooth fruit and protein squeeze pouch on the market loaded with the healthy nutrients needed to refuel and power any day. Each pouch is packed with 14 grams of high quality whey protein, one serving of real fruit, five grams of healthy fats and is only 180 calories. The line of protein packs come in three delicious flavors, each with a short list of recognizable ingredients.


– Mixed Berry made with delicious summertime strawberries, refreshingly cool blueberries, sweet red raspberries and mouthwatering blackberries

– Orange Peach with warm sweetness of oranges, juicy fresh peaches and creamy smashed bananas

– Tropical Fruit made from a mix of Tropical bananas, mighty fresh mangos and delicious pineapples, all blended together with real coconut cream

SmashPack Protein is free of soy, gluten, artificial ingredients, and is naturally sweetened by the fruit it holds. With no refrigeration needed, SmashPack Protein is perfect for those on-the-go, a quick breakfast, before or after physical activity, or at your desk.

SmashPack is a direct result of not being able to find a great-tasting, quick and convenient, high protein snack made entirely of real food,” said Rob Simpson, CEO and Co-Founder of SmashPack. “Our goal with SmashPack is to educate and motivate healthy eating habits while making the consumer feel good about the nutrients they are putting into their body.”

SmashPack Protein is available at Target,, Wegmans, Lifetime Fitness, Jewel Osco, New Leaf, Lund & Byerlys, Harmons, Heinen’s, and will soon be available at Lucky’s and Raley’s. SmashPack Protein is available in all three of its signature delicious flavors. For more information on SmashPack, please

About SmashPack

SmashPack was launched in 2015 by a husband and wife team, Rob and Kari Simpson. As followers of the Paleo Diet, Rob and Kari saw a vacant space in the market for a clean, high-protein snack/meal replacement for the active adult made entirely of real food with all of the nutritional benefits of a protein bar. The only snack of its kind,SmashPack’s convenient resealable squeeze pouch is packed with 14 grams of high quality whey protein, real fruit and a healthy fat. It is free of soy, gluten, artificial ingredients and is naturally sweetened by the fruit it holds. For more information on SmashPack, please visit