Tickle Water Introduces New Sparkling Waters for Kids

TW_Cola_Bubbles1NEW YORK, NY (May 28, 2016) – Tickle Water, an innovative, premium sparkling water company, has shaken up the flavored bubble segment, providing a healthy, fun hydration option specifically for children. Offering an exciting sipping experience that quite literally “tickles” your taste buds,Tickle Water is a naturally flavored kids’ sparkler, free of hidden ingredients, preservatives, sodium, and sugars. Kid-approved, all-natural flavors like, Green Apple, Watermelon, Cola and Natural Sparkling Water are changing the beverage game with parents and children alike.

The founder of Tickle Water, Heather McDowell, desired a way to make her son Jayger more interested in drinking water rather than sugar-laden juice boxes and sodas. To her surprise, Jayger took his first sip of bubbly water at a young age and quickly became a fan of the fun and enjoyable “tickling” sensation. Thrilled to have found a way to make water more exciting for children, Heather decided to pave the way for carbonated water for children with Tickle Water. She utilized fun packaging and small plastic cans specific for little hands to introduce the first-ever sparkling water for kids. Tickle Water’s premium sparkling waters are free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners. Additionally, all products are certified OU Kosher.

“Many of the beverages made for children are full of artificial ingredients, sugars, and preservatives that are extremely harmful for growing bodies, not to mention the leading cause of childhood obesity,” said Heather McDowell, founder of Tickle Water. “As a mom, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to incorporate healthier options into kids’ diets. I am excited to share Tickle Water with parents as a clean alternative to the sugary drinks that we are giving our kids.”

Tickle Water is now available for a suggested retail price of $1.49 to $1.59 per 8 oz. can. The product can be found in the New York metropolitan area in stores including Westside Market, Zabar’s and Garden of Eden, as well as Sag Harbor and Hampton area stores such as The Golden Pear, LT Burger, SagTown Coffee and Catena’s Food Market. Tickle Water has also recently joined forces with Gourmet Guru, an all-natural and organic food distributor, to continue to broaden its reach and availability in the marketplace.

For additional information, please visit www.drinkticklewater.com.

About Tickle Water

Tickle Water is a premium sparkling water company dedicated to providing parents with an honest hydration option for their children. Tickle Water is the first sparkling water in the market specifically for children, complete with enjoyable flavor options and small plastic cans perfect for kids. Every can of Tickle Water is simply made with premium sparkling water and natural flavors without artificial ingredients or preservatives. For more information, please visit www.drinkticklewater.com.