ARYA To Launch World’s First Curcumin Infused Sparkling Water

3D_family (1)Irvine, Calif., January 18, 2017—ARYA (Heart of Turmeric) announced today it will be launching a full line of Curcumin-infused Sparkling Water while partnering with incubator L.A. Libations.

Extracted from the turmeric root, curcumin — the bioactive heart of turmeric — is prized for centuries for its natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It recently became the #1 rising star among food trends, according to Think with Google. Thousands of studies on turmeric/curcumin can be found online at the US National Library of Medicine.

ARYA’s proprietary curcumin is one of the most absorbed turmeric extract. It is highly water-soluble and has no bitter turmeric aftertaste. ARYA Curcumin-infused Sparkling Water will come in three naturally flavored, refreshing options — Lime, Lemon and Mixed Berry. It has zero calorie and no added sugar. Each 12 oz. can provides approximately one tablespoon of turmeric in curcumin that is absorbed by the body.

ARYA was founded by biotech executive, George Uy, who launched several key anti-cancer drugs in the US and continues to be actively involved in anti-cancer drug development. Handok Inc., a leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company in South Korea, is a major shareholder in ARYA.

“With this partnership, we plan to leverage L.A. Libations’ strong incubation relationships to jointly introduce ARYA Sparkling Water to more health-conscious consumers. L.A. Libation’s track record and passion for incubating brands is unmatched,” said ARYA co-founder Young Jin Kim, Chairman of Handok Corporation.

“More consumers want turmeric in their lives, and our strategic and retail partners have taken note of this plant-based phenomenon,” said Danny Stepper, CEO and Co-Founder of L.A. Libations. “We love ARYA because it delivers turmeric in a proprietary yet mainstream way. ARYA has both a mainstream sparkling water taste profile and mouth feel, while delivering on all the amazing health benefits of turmeric. We see this quickly and broadly accepted by consumers. The L.A. Libations team and its partners are so excited about the ARYA brand and its team.”

About ARYA (Heart of Turmeric)

ARYA harnesses the restorative power of curcumin – making it easily absorbed into the bloodstream (27x more effectively than natural curcumin or turmeric extracts) – and without the turmeric taste! ARYA Sparkling Water come in Lemon, Lime and Mixed Berry flavors in 12 oz cans. The product has zero calorie, no added sugar, and is naturally flavored. ARYA’s Curcumin+ is GRAS-certified and extracted from non-GMO turmeric.

About L.A. Libations

L.A. Libations is the pre-eminent beverage incubator in North Amer ica. Always focused on unmet consumer needs grounded in health, wellness, and social responsibility, L.A. Libations partners with or creates and incubates brands in emerging categories like Aloe Gloe, Obi Probiotics Soda, and Bru Bone Broth. L.A. Libations is the Emerging Beverage Category Captain at many of the nation’s largest retailers. L.A. Libations is a key innovation partner of the Coca-Cola Company, who is also a minority owner of L.A. Libations.