Dark Dog Organic Debuts Coconut Water Energy Drink


DARK DOG ORGANIC, a USDA Certified and non-GMO energy drink company, announces the launch of its first Coconut Water based energy drink, extending the existing line of 3 flavors. It comes in a sophisticated 12 oz sleek can designed in blue, just like the Caribbean waters. The entire line is exclusively made in Italy.

The Coconut Water Energy Drink has only 50 calories per 12 oz. serving. Available in February 2017, DARK DOG Coconut Water EnergyDrink’s new formula is light, refreshing, and flavorful. It features all natural flavors from pineapple and coconut. It has only 50 calories, 6 B vitamins, plus Vitamin C (all RDA 100% per serving.) Dark Dog Organic product line will consist now of four flavors including: Original, Blood Orange, Elderberry,and Coconut Water.

DARK DOG ORGANIC has been invigorated to reflect what consumers want from an energy drink –an energy boost based on healthy organic ingredients to suit their busy days and on-the-go lifestyles,” said Marianela Ancheta, Partner of DARK DOG Organic Energy Drink.

Dark Dog Organic Coconut Water provides health-conscious consumers with a new flavor and function they want with low calories and without artificial sweeteners.

DARK DOG ORGANIC COCONUT WATER Energy Drink has only50 calories, 114 mg of caffeine, and 100% DV of 7 vitamins. It is USDA ORGANICand NON-GMO. It retails for $2.69 – $2.29/can. DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drinkscan be purchased nationally online at AMAZON and independent retailers.


DARK DOG ORGANIC ENERGY DRINK is light, refreshing, and specifically formulated to provide consumers with the benefits of an energy drink in an organic NON-GMO way. Mentioning a few of our organic certified ingredients we have: super fruit Acerola Berry, Green Tea, YerbaMate, Guarana, Lemon Juice, Organic Cane and Organic Coconut Sugar- 6 VitaminsB 100% DV plus Vitamin C 100% DV. For more information, please visit DARKDOGORGANIC.com and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.