Expo West 2017 Preview: Powell & Mahoney Launches Canned Sparkling Mixers

Powell & Mahoney is thinking small. The premium cocktail mixer brand will roll out a new line of 12 oz. canned sparkling mixers drinks at next week’s Natural Products Expo West 2017.

The four varieties, Ginger Beer, Blood Orange Ginger Beer, Mojito, and Tonic, were developed to supplement and eventually replace the brand’s line of 750 mL glass bottled carbonated mixers and provide consumers with a more portable and less expensive package option, according to co-founder and CEO Mark Mahoney.

Mahoney said that the cans also represent an upgrade in quality. He pointed to widespread adoption of the package in the craft beer segment. After years of resistance, over the past decade brewers have increasingly embraced cans because they are airtight and protect liquid from light.


Primarily a manufacturer of non-carbonated margarita and Bloody Mary mixers, Powell & Mahoney launched its bottled sparkling mixer line in 2015. Although the products, particularly the ginger beer variety, performed well enough in stores, company COO Chris Crandall told BevNET that consumers were wary of the multi-serve package and often felt like they would need to use the entire product on a single occasion, a relatively expensive proposition given the $7.99 price.

He noted that sales velocity was also a consideration in the development of the new line. According to Crandall, Target sells an average of seven 4-packs of Fever Tree carbonated mixers per week, compared to approximately 1 1/2 bottles of Powell & Mahoney’s 750 mL sparkling mixers.

The canned mixers will be sold in 4-packs and have a suggested price of $4.99-$5.99. Although the company has yet to secure retail placement for the products, Crandall expects the line to replace the bottled sparkling mixers at most accounts. Moreover, Mahoney views the cans as ripe for distribution in food service, as well as hotels and airlines.

Meanwhile, Powell & Mahoney has gained expanded distribution for its flagship mixers. The company recently landed a deal with Walmart for placement of its Sriracha Bloody Mary and Margarita products at 2,200 locations. It’s a big win, as Walmart represents nearly a quarter of all U.S. sales of packaged cocktail mixers, according to Crandall. The retailer is additionally picking up the bottled sparkling line in 500 stores. The brand’s mixers are also sold at 1,200 Publix locations at 1,600 Target stores across the country.